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4.9 based on 95 Reviews

I’m Aazim Sharp, founder of Leaf Credit Solutions. Here’s a quick story that describes why I love helping people like you...


I believe our company is best described through my personal story rather than some uptight corporate mission statement. Here’s how I fell into this industry and why I love brewing that first pot of coffee every morning:


I started out in the mortgage business. Standing with a young family in a home (that’s well within their financial reach) and seeing their faces light up when they realize, “This is the place,” is incredibly powerful.

...but then to experience the shear heartache after running their credit report and knowing that it’s not going to work out.


Pure. Devastation.


It happened more times than it should have.


These people thought they were doing all the right things. How could their score be so low? (Come to find out later, none of this was their fault - they were just victims of the mistakes of big, sloppy institutions).

I started finding credit repair companies to refer these clients to. I wanted to give them a chance of getting their feet underneath them so they could be handed the keys to their... home.


These credit repair companies were horrible.


A month would go by...Then 3... Then 6...


No follow-up. Nothing. Radio silence.


The family would be left in the dark waiting with bated breath for their repaired credit score. And it wouldn’t happen...


These people would call me every day inquiring about it while they waited. I’d try to call the credit repair company, but would get lost in their phone tree with no one able to help me.


The credit repair companies didn’t get it. Having a lovable home is an essential part of the human experience. But these families, these... living, breathing people, were being deprived of it because of shoddy systems, too-big-to-fail bureaucracies, and scammy credit repair companies who weren’t much better than the bureaus they were supposedly against.

Then came the last straw

I thought I finally found a solid credit repair company. They were pricey, but I was drawn in. I was desperate. So I referred a client to them. This “company” (more aptly named a scam) took $4500 of their hard-earned money... and did nothing.

“Sorry. We can’t help you.” That was the only explanation we got.


This was the tipping point. I felt personally responsible. What were these “credit repair companies” doing? Anything besides collecting money?


The fact that so many clients who crossed my desk had scores far lower than they lawfully should be - with not one solution in sight - was enough to make me realize that if no one else was going to help these people, I would.


I vowed to no longer be in the position of having to count on someone else to help these people.


I was at the library every day for a year. I studied every law book I could get my hands on. I read all the literature I could find about repairing and restoring credit.


I took what I learned and practiced on myself. In no time, I raised my own credit score by 132 points!


Then practiced on family. On friends. On friends of friends. I was on a mission.


And then, I made the ultimate commitment.

The birth of Leaf Credit Solutions

In 2005, I signed the papers for my new company, Leaf Credit Solutions. I was drawing my line in the sand.


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dmvcheatsheets.com reviews


4.6 based on 25,093 Reviews

About DMVCheatSheets.com

We used to live in California and before that New York. When we moved from NY to California we found out that despite having driven for half our natural life and having almost zero tickets to speak of, we needed to take a written test to get our California licenses. We did what 90% of people probably do, turned to the Internet and searched Google for "DMV Cheat Sheet California." What we learned, as you have probably learned, is that nothing existed. So at the time, we downloaded the darn manual, spend a few hours reading over the book again, went to the DMV, waited and waited, studied some more and then passed the test. HOURS wasted.

To add salt to the wound we decided, years later, to relocate our product development company to North Carolina only to discover that, once again, we needed to take a written test to get our license! Amazing. Given the Internet is supposed to get better with age we searched again, this time for "DMV cheat sheet nc." Again nothing! Well this time we had had enough so we hired a group of ten college educated, perfect driving score writters from various parts across this great land and asked them to read each state's manual for us and prepare the 50 most relevant questions and answers. The result is a super efficient, four page skimmable guide for passing your dmv written test. Whether you are a first time driver or a seasoned veteran, our guide turns hours of reading and learning into 10-20 minutes. Best of all, unlike the other "online courses" each DMV cheat sheet is printable so you can take it with you and read it while waiting for your test.

So now you know - we created DMVCheatSheets.com because we needed it. And yes, in case you are wondering, we passed our NC written test with ease.

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casedealer.com reviews


4.8 based on 3,230 Reviews

CaseDealer.com has been recognized by Pelican Products, Inc., for its exceptional customer service, large inventory and case modification ability, and has been designated Certified Core Dealer for Pelican Products, Inc. CaseDealer.com inventories the entire line of Pelican™ products including the Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS), Hardback™ cases, AL series cases, ISP series cases and Rack Mount cases. Pelican cases can be customized with Custom-Cut Foam Interiors from CaseDealer.com.

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BrandedGear.com reviews

GNP Branded Gear

4.8 based on 456 Reviews

Since 1985, GNP Branded Gear has been providing creative,  quality custom branded products, exceptional service and competitive pricing to hundreds of top trade and professional associations, colleges and universities, and corporations. With an unparalleled selection of Bags, Event and ID Supplies, Apparel, Drinkware, Writing Instruments, Gifts, Awards, Tech Products, and more, GNP is the preferred vendor-partner of organizations throughout the U.S. and beyond. Contact a GNP Team Member today for immediate personal attention!

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satelliteforinternet.com reviews


4.0 based on 402 Reviews

HughesNet, America’s #1 choice for a satellite Internet provider allows customers to access high-speed Internet virtually anywhere in the contiguous United States. With speeds up to 25 Mbps¹, it’s faster than any dial-up service provider, and the network can reach to rural locations not covered by cable and DSL.

HughesNet Gen 5 is always on, won’t tie up your phone line, and allows you to do more of what you love! Call 1-833-824-6754  to get connected today!

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superwater.com reviews


4.8 based on 3,110 Reviews

Super Water Systems, otherwise known as superwater.com, was started in 1995 selling Everpure Foodservice Line, and matching up equipment with select Oasis Water Coolers. We have since grown to become a world-class water treatment provider 100% committed to bringing your home, office, and or business the absolute best quality and value in water filtration products and equipment available. We are currently based in Boca Raton Florida, we maintain and have handle well over 500+ local customer accounts on a yearly basis. We offer ultra fast shipping and local pickup, and most in-stock orders usually ship within 24 hours. Superwater.com tries very hard to have the most competitive prices in accordance with discounted FedEx, UPS, and USPS, with Free Ground Shipping on most all WATER FILTER orders. Questions or comments, please feel free to Contact Us

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www.doteasy.com reviews


4.7 based on 3,489 Reviews

Doteasy is a premier web hosting and domain name registration service provider, served over 500,000 customers. We provide affordable hosting solutions, expert technicians, knowledgeable support, top-of-the-line technology, and a state-of-the-art data center.

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inventionhome.com reviews


4.9 based on 193 Reviews

InventionHome is an invention and product licensing company focused on helping inventors and entrepreneurs through the invention and patent process with the ultimate goal of finding companies to license or wholesale their client’s innovative products, patents or ideas.

Our mission is to reinvent the invention industry by creating a “better model” for inventors to succeed with their inventions. We are achieving our mission by creating an innovative and smart invention marketing method combined with a company committed to strong values, integrity, and trust. The invention process can be risky and challenging for inventors with only a small percentage of inventions or products succeeding on the market. As a result, we were determined to create a low-cost, low-risk model to minimize the financial risks for inventors.

We do not charge large up-front fees for marketing. We offer relevant services with very reasonable and fair prices. We have a high-quality reputation. We offer an industry-leading marketing and licensing program for inventors. We have thousands of companies in our network looking for innovative products, and we maintain a consistent 98-99% customer satisfaction rating with our clients.

For more information about Invention Home, visit:


Invention Home Products

Invention Home Press


Invention Home Twitter

Invention Home LinkedIn

Invention Home YouTube

Invention Home Facebook

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squirrel.co.nz reviews


4.7 based on 1,859 Reviews

Squirrel has been in the business of helping Kiwi borrow money for homes since 2008, arranging over $10 billion of mortgages.

Our mortgage advice is always impartial and honest, because the only goal is to leave you better off. And since 2015, Kiwi investors have trusted us with over $300 million of their savings too.

Our business is all about helping Kiwi make better financial decisions. We believe in total transparency and you’ll find we’re honest and open about how we work, where our funding comes from and what’s happening with your money.

We’ve won just about every award for mortgage brokering there is. But what makes us feel happiest is the feedback we get from happy clients.

Visit Squirrel.co.nz

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www.harmoney.com.au reviews

Harmoney - AU

4.8 based on 17,964 Reviews

Harmoney (ASX:HMY & NZX:HMY) is Australasia’s largest 100% consumer-direct online lender.

Since 2014 we’ve helped over 70,000 people in Australia and New Zealand get things started – whether it’s a kitchen renovation, buying a car, starting a business or making a fresh start through simplifying and paying down debt. We’re here to help people achieve their goals through financial products and services that are friendly, fair, and easy to use.

So far we’ve lent over $2b, and we’re just getting started. In a few short years Harmoney has transformed the way people borrow money. We believe the future is all about personalised consumer choice, informed by data science and delivered through superior technology.

Let’s change the traditional personal loan model to put the customer at the centre, and let’s use technology and data to make money more human. Harmoney is listed on the NZ Stock Exchange (NZX) and Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) as HMY.

Recent awards include; Canstar winner 7 years in a row Company of the Year Finalist - NZ HiTech Awards 2020 Gold Award - RateCity 2020 Finder Awards - Finder 2019

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