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Product Reviews are highly influential, and can have a significant, persuasive effect on your
customer’s decision making and buying process.

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Improve Your Product Sales

Product Ratings and Reviews from verified customers are one of the most powerful
marketing tools in your arsenal when it comes to optimizing organic product search results
(SEO) and driving more sales and conversions.

Shopper Approved® Product Reviews will help your products
stand-out, get noticed, and sold!

5 Ways That Shopper Approved Product Reviews

Build Your Brand:

Shopper Approved - Creates instant brand trust and product credibility

Creates INSTANT Brand Trust and Product Credibility

When potential customers see that your products have 4 and 5-star product ratings in Google, not only will your listings stand out, but they will naturally be more trusted and credible - predisposing customers to trust your brand and your products before they even visit your website!

Product reviews in Google Shopping results.
Shopper Approved - Improves Your product search engine visibility and traffic

Improves Your Product Search Engine Visibility and Traffic

Product Reviews have huge SEO benefits because they infuse your product pages with a constant stream of unique content, keywords, and product descriptions - giving Google exactly what it needs to help boost your product pages to the top of both organic search and Google Shopping results.

Shopper Approved also helps you to display 4 and 5-star ratings right in your product page organic search listings in Google, which helps them to stand out from your competition.

And, as an official Google Product Review Partner, we also get your star ratings to display in both your Google Product Listings Ads (PLA’s), and in Google Shopping.

Product reviews in Google Shopping results. shopper Approved Product Credibility shopper Approved Visibility and Traffic
Shopper Approved Google Shopping Search Results
Shopper Approved - Increase Your conversion Rate

Increases Your
Conversion Rate

According to the split-testing software company Crazyegg, customer ratings and reviews are the #1 Trust Signal online, with over 88% of all consumers reading reviews before making a buying decision.

By adding Shopper Approved Product Reviews to your website, you’re providing your customers with the tools they need to make the most confident and informed buying decisions possible; guiding them along a fully transparent, trusted path that ultimately leads to a more positive overall shopping experience for them, and a stronger, healthier business for you.

Stars on product pages
Boost average order value up to 18%.
Shopper Approved - Display More 5-Star Reviews in More Places

Boosts Your Average Order Value (AOV)

One of the most effective ways to improve AOV is through social proof, because of the strong influence that existing customers’ ratings and reviews can have on new potential buyers - enabling some sites to increase their AOV by 18%. Shopper Approved helps you to strategically display product ratings and reviews on your website, in order to get more customers to buy more products from you - increasing your AOV.

Boost average order value up to 18%.
Shopper Approved - Display More 5-Star Reviews in More Places

Lowers Your Return Rate

Product returns are a huge pain, and significantly affect your bottom line. Retailers say that on average, 12% of their online sales are returned, costing them 3.8% in lost profits. Fortunately, by adding product reviews to your website, your customers are empowered to make better, more well-informed decisions, which ultimately lead to fewer regrets, lower product returns, and higher profits.

Shopper Approved - Quote left Nelson James

Incorporating product reviews is such an effective return prevention strategy that Petco reported that products with customer reviews had a 20.3% lower return rate than those that didn't.”

Shopper Approved - BusinessWire
Shopper Approved - increased product satisfaction

Here’s what the Experts Say
about Product Reviews

Shopper Approved - Quote Left
Fresh, product-specific review content drives search traffic and keyword rankings, specifically when a business earns 10 or more reviews –– resulting in a 15-20% increase in search traffic.”
Shopper Approved - Big Commerce
Shopper Approved - Big Commerce
Shopper Approved - Quote Left
A staple for any e-commerce site is customer reviews for each product.”
Shopper Approved - Quote Left
Reviews can also help improve the SEO of specific product and service pages you have.”
Shopper Approved - Big Commerce

The Bottom Line

By adding Product Review star ratings to Google’s paid and organic search listings, you visually stand out, and establish yourself as a recommended, trusted seller in your space. And, by adding product reviews directly to your website’s product pages, you naturally optimize your SEO, while directly influencing and educating every shopper on why they should buy from you.

Finally, when you combine the power of Product Reviews, with Seller Ratings and Video Reviews, you create a winning end-to-end sales funnel conversion strategy that can help you to dominate Google search results and make significantly more sales.

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