Turn Your Product Pages into 'Amazon-Like' Product Pages with Shopper Approved Product Reviews

What are Product Reviews?

Product Reviews are collected from your customers via an email survey, once they have received their physical products. These reviews are added to each product page on your site to help educate and motivate new potential customers to buy. In addition, we display these 5-Star reviews in your Google Product Listing Ads (PLA's) and in Google Shopping.

Collect and Display Reviews Like The Pros.

Now, just like Amazon, you can have compelling, informative product reviews beautifully displayed next to each of your products. Shopper Approved Product Reviews are an incredibly powerful form of social proof, and are often the deciding factor when customers are considering buying a product from you instead of your competition.

Syndicate Your Product Reviews Directly To

Only companies that syndicate their product reviews to Google can display 5-Star Ratings in their Product Listing Ads (PLA's). As one of only four Google Authorized 3rd Party Product Review Aggregators based in the United States, we can help you display 5-Star Ratings in your Google PLA's and in Google Shopping. We can even syndicate existing Product Reviews you've already collected.

Double Your Results with our Special Features

Shopper Approved product reviews have several unique features to get you faster results. For example, when starting out, you can temporarily display merchant reviews until you’ve collected enough product reviews for a particular product. Also, you can collect both merchant reviews and product reviews in the same survey; greatly simplifying the entire review process.

Leave the Integration to Us

Our product review system was made to integrate into virtually any shopping cart system, but it does take some technical experience. If you don’t happen to have your own technician on hand, the Shopper Approved Tech Team can help you get your product reviews up and running.

It's time to take your Product Reviews to a whole new level.

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