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golfclubbrokers.com reviews

Golf Club Brokers

4.9 based on 10,301 Reviews

Our mission at Golf Club Brokers is to help you turn your golf clubs into cash while eliminating the hassles and risks associated with selling your clubs on your own. We strive to give you the highest possible cash offer and get you paid quickly.  Payments are sent within 24 hours of receipt of your items.

Many of our competitors are offering store credit to force you to buy your new clubs from them. Golf Club Brokers on the other hand will offer you cash for your used golf clubs and allow you to go wherever you want to purchase your next set of clubs. We also offer free shipping on any quotes over $200.

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grips4less.com reviews


4.9 based on 59,988 Reviews

Welcome to Grips4less! Play like the pros. Avoid the pro shop prices. Here is why you'll love shopping at Grips4less.com:

Lowest Price Guarantee

Grips4Less guarantees the LOWEST PRICE on everything we carry. This includes golf grips, shafts, supplies, clubs, and accessories! If you find our products anywhere for lower, we will instantly match it.

365- Day Returns

Your happiness is our mission! If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase return it within 365 days in new, unused condition for a full refund. 

Fast Same-Day Shipping

Almost all orders ship the same day, when placed Monday-Friday. Not only are we super fast at shipping, we send you the tracking information instantly so you can know when your order will arrive. Most orders ship with USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days), but you can also select air services with Fedex or UPS if you need it faster.

Want to learn more? See why 97% of grips4less.com would recommend us to a friend!

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www.markersinc.com reviews


4.8 based on 2,214 Reviews

Markers, Inc. Golf Course Equipment, Athletic Field Marking Systems, Garden and Yard Products and Unique Golf Gifts.

American Quality and Attractive Prices from a Solid Company with 26 Years Experience. From a vision and 5 products to hundreds of products spanning 3 Industries and Worldwide Distribution. Markers, Inc. also holds many U.S. Patents for their Golf Products.

Markers, Inc. Golf Course Equipment

In 1987, their founders had a vision of a highly flexible, system of products to mark Golf Course boundaries and hazards. The system would be totally modular. Components could be mixed and matched, a veritable "erector set" for the Golf Course Superintendent.

Athletic Field Marking Systems
MarkSmart™ Lining Kits enabled personnel to safely and permanently mark football fields, soccer fields, baseball and dozens of other athletic fields requiring lines, in about 1/3 the time previously required.

Garden and Yard Products

Home and Garden products have also found their way into the company's catalog. Protective devices (hose guards) to prevent damage to flower beds, a highly visible driveway marker, an innovative and inexpensive American flag pole and a unique method to protect vegetable and floral gardens from critters. All led to our Garden and Yard Product Line.

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GolfZoo.com reviews

Golf Zoo

4.8 based on 2,854 Reviews

Golf Zoo was created by golfers and travel professionals with over 40 years of experience. A one-size fits all approach might work well for some things, but we think golf vacations should be tailored to you. That's why our motto is Golf Vacations Fit to a Tee. Our Golf Vacation Specialists help you tailor your vacation to fit your needs and budget, and actually live and play in the destinations they specialize in. Their expertise and commitment are fueled by a genuine love of the game. Count on us for personalized service and accurate, unbiased information. Whether you're traveling with friends or planning a corporate outing, leave the details to Golf Zoo. We'll deliver a high quality golf vacation at a competitive price.

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PlayBetter.com reviews


4.8 based on 3,178 Reviews

PlayBetter.com is proud to be a leading retailer of top-level fitness and golf technology equipment. Whether you're shopping for a GPS watch, cycle computer or home golf simulator, we have you covered with a full range of devices and accessories from top brands like Garmin, Bushnell, Polar & many more!  Searching for gadgets and gear to improve your golf game or just new ways to keep track of your workouts? There's no better place to shop than PlayBetter.com.

Plus with our Free 2-Day Shipping & Free 60-Day Returns on most products, you're guaranteed to come away with a gadget that takes your performance to the next level or your money back - no questions asked!


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blackwidowgolf.com reviews


4.8 based on 18 Reviews

Golf has always been one of our favorite passions. Nothing is better than a weekend out golfing with the boys (or girls). In our group of golfers, there is quite a divide in skill level, as well as the quality of equipment. The more experienced players who have been playing their entire life have the better quality (name brand) clubs; while those who are newer to the game have lower quality (no name) clubs. 

As time went on, we all started talking about our equipment and helping the less experienced golfers look for higher quality equipment. It was all extremely expensive, as they couldn't afford to spend $400 for a new putter. We were all getting sick of the astronomically high cost of newer high-end equipment, so we decided to make a change...

Enter Black Widow Golf. We create high-end putters for a fraction of the price! Why pay $400+ for a brand-name putter when a putter from Black Widow Golf is just as good, if not better, and a lot less expensive! 

Not only did we create a putter that will be useful for all ages and skill levels, but everyone will enjoy looking at it as well. The Black Widow stands out from your average boring putters, and is sure to be the center of conversation whenever you are on the course! 


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perceptivegolfing.com reviews


4.8 based on 333 Reviews

Welcome to Perceptive Golfing!!!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your shopping process. We understand that there are lots of options for you, which makes going though this process a little intimidating. There are lots of manufacturers available for the production of golf caddies, so it can get confusing very quickly. Our goal is to make the experience of shopping for your new partner (your new caddy) as simple and rewarding of a process as possible.

Our focus is offering you the absolute best quality products in one platform. We put a considerable amount of time into selecting the best quality products for your game. Purchasing from a company that has invested the time that we have in selecting only exceptional products, is an intuitive decision. It is a proven fact that playing with superior products enhances your game. Taking your game to the next level with superior equipment is a shrewd decision you will be proud of...and  your game will thank you!!!

We recognize and respect the fact that you cherish your time on the course. Over the years, i have heard many golfers describe their time out there as sacred. Rightfully so, for many of us, it reminds us of so many things. One person reminisces on when they were first introduced to the sport by their dad at the age of 6, another stares off into space remembering it was the last time they got together with all of their friends before everyone began moving to different parts of the globe, a widow sighing looking back to when their spouse introduced them to the sport, etc. Whether it is a fond (or many fond) childhood memory, a reunion with your high school or college classmates, or feeling like visiting the course brings you closer to a spouse, family member, or close friend. Whatever your reason they are very much, all valid. Everyone has their reasons they picked up their first iron/driver or first golf ball. Whatever those reasons, we wanted to honor those reasons with the best equipment.

The other reason it was very important to us to only offer you exceptional equipment, is it takes an prodigious amount of concentration with this sport. There is no other sport like it today, and i do not think there ever will be. When you are not able to focus, that never translates into a good performance or a good game. When you're successfully concentrating, you are able to focus while you are in the center of what you are doing. If you are thinking about that last putt or focusing on the next shot, you are not successfully concentrating.

In golf, especially, there will be distractions, do not let it be your equipment. If you're having to constantly readjust, force to the right/left, or any other variation your equipment, we cannot ignore that this will be on your mind. "Ok, maybe it will do right for me at the next hole," you're thinking. Or you're on the way to your next hole, but all you can think about is the last hole. Or you get tired of having to spend time with the equipment, so you decided to push your cart, shortly after your back is hurting, with 10 more holes to go. This is an experience that at one point we have all had or have witnessed someone on the course going through it. If you are that person or have seen an example of it, you're thinking to yourself, "I'm not doing this again," or "I feel bad for them."

Your equipment should be an aid to you, not a handicap. There are many platforms out there, but the thing that sets us apart is we have invested in you by only allowing top ranked equipment on our website.

We look forward to you growing in your game, as you invest in yourself!

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OmadaGolf.com reviews


4.9 based on 496 Reviews

Welcome to OMADA GOLF, your team!

Our Journey to OMADA started with four friends, an apocalyptic golf course, and a desire to play the game of golf. 

Over the years, our experiences together led to the start of something great. We're not just a company; we're a movement.

We believe golf is on the cusp of being a game that all people can come together to enjoy regardless of skill or status. It's our mission to lead the charge into the new era of the game.

We offer products, content, and a community of people that every golfer can embrace. 

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