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coolhorse.com reviews


4.8 based on 10,175 Reviews

Coolhorse is your head to tail source for all things needed for the Western horse.   Roping, ranching, and general riding - we have you covered for all of your saddle, tack, rope, and trailer needs. 

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Equinavia.com reviews


4.7 based on 10,942 Reviews

Welcome to Equinavia!

Formerly known as Horze USA, we still carry the same great English riding brands and products you love but with a greater freedom to serve and address the needs of American equestrians. We pride ourselves on bringing you and your horses a winning combination of quality, fashion, and value so that you can ride in comfort and style without breaking the bank. Whether your discipline is dressage, eventing, trail riding or anything in between, Equinavia is determined to give you the best we have to offer!

We value each person’s feedback and are continuously inspired by the stories they share. Our curiosity enables us to identify new ways to nurture the wider equestrian community as we strive to be a resource, a confidant, and a guide to quality. We are relentlessly focused on excellence, detail, and value and remain committed to designing and manufacturing products that encourage confidence, discovery and freedom.

How did Equinavia get started?

The Equinavia story began in Scandinavia nearly 40 years ago, where our passion for horses, riders and their wellbeing inspired decades of progress and innovation within Scandinavia’s racing and English riding communities. Simply put, we found our purpose in meeting the needs of horses and their riders. We steadily expanded our collection while remaining true to the trifecta of  quality, value and fashion .

In 2007, we crossed the Atlantic, determined to meet and motivate US riders and horse-lovers of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. It was here that we found our local footing — first with harness racing, and soon after with English riding as we strove to respond to the community’s demand for a comprehensive product range made up of beautifully-fashioned merchandise.

What is Equinavia's vision or mission?

The goal behind everything we do at Equinavia is to equip every rider—regardless of their discipline or expertise—for excellence, both in the saddle and out.

Is Equinavia.com legit?

Initially under the domain horze.com, Equinavia began selling online in the US in 2012. Since then, we have accrued over 10,000 verified customer reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5). We are North America's official distributors of Horze, B Vertigo, TRM, and other equestrian brands.

What makes Equinavia unique?

Equinavia carries a vast assortment of riding breeches, tall boots, horse blankets, tack, and other English riding apparel, equipment, and accessories. We specialize in designing products that riders love, with unmatched comfort, style, and performance. In addition, we pride ourselves on the best customer support in the business, with quick shipping times to top it off!

What do customers love about Equinavia?

One look at the list of Equinavia reviews will reveal that customers love how easy and enjoyable it is to shop on our website (and our great selection of products is a plus, too!). With over 10,000 verified customer reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars, we're proud of the effort we put in to make our customers happy.

What are the main products that Equinavia sells?

Equinavia specializes in English riding apparel and gear, with an extra focus on high quality riding breeches and tights. We also carry horse blankets in all weights, tall boots and paddock boots, show shirts and show coats, bridles, whips, and more. Whether you are an intro dressage rider or a Grand Prix show jumper, we have something you'll love in your style and your budget.

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forelockandload.com reviews


4.7 based on 165 Reviews


Forelock and Load was founded in 2013, following a  restoration project of the 16th century barn which we occupy today.
The shop stocks a wide range of clothing and equipment for shooting, horse riding and country pursuits.

Midway through the restoration.

The restoration was managed by Nick and a team of local builders who were chosen for their ability to work without a spirit level. The barn has been standing for over 500 years and the timbers in the building have certainly seen a lot of life. During the project we found The Daily Mirror dated Tuesday May 8th 1945 which was VE Day. This affirmed what this magnificent barn has experienced over the years.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have been trading for 9 years, and have firmly cemented ourselves as a go to shop for those wishing to receive sound advice on their purchases. From newcomers to their sport to seasoned professionals, we cater for them all. The hand picked products we sell, offer good value for money along with functionality, style and longevity. 

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