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gripboost.com reviews


4.8 based on 9,705 Reviews

Welcome to Grip Boost, where innovation meets performance since its inception in 2014. Our team merges the insights of professional athletes with cutting-edge chemical engineering to craft the pinnacle of grip solutions. At Grip Boost, we're dedicated to pioneering advancements in football gloves, softball and baseball batting gloves, and various sporting goods grip applications. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to elevate your game to new heights.  At Grip Boost, we're passionate about enhancing your performance on the field. We understand the crucial role that grip plays in every athlete's game, whether you're catching a football, or swinging a baseball bat. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to crafting innovative grip-enhancing solutions that give athletes the edge they need to excel.  Our journey began with a simple idea: to develop a product that provides superior grip without compromising comfort or performance. Through extensive research and development, we've perfected our formulas to deliver reliable grip in any conditions, whether it's dry, wet, or humid. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance, so you can trust Grip Boost to deliver when it matters most.  

But we're more than just a grip-enhancing company; we're a community of athletes who are united by our love for the game. We're committed to supporting athletes at every level, from aspiring amateurs to professional stars, by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, Grip Boost is here to help you elevate your game.  

Join the Grip Boost family today and experience the difference our products can make in your performance. With Grip Boost, you'll never lose your grip on greatness.


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Paddlepalace.com reviews


4.8 based on 10,182 Reviews

Paddle Palace Table Tennis, #1 Table Tennis Supplier in North America

Paddle Palace has Everything for the Table Tennis Player. Located in Portland, Oregon USA, we offer top quality table tennis equipment, outstanding customer service, and great prices to players in North America and around the world. We are players and lovers of the sport of table tennis! 

Paddle Palace is North American distributor for the best brands in the world, including Stiga, Tibhar, Nittaku, Donic, Andro, DHS, Juic, Dr Neubauer, Yasaka, and Hunter. In addition, we offer the brands, Butterfly, Newgy, Kettler, and more. We sell direct to the public as well as serving as North American Distributor for the major brands.

Our staff at Paddle Palace includes players and promoters of the sport of table tennis. We work hard to deserve our reputation as the table tennis company with the best customer service. We care about the sport, and we care about serving our customers and the community with consideration, fairness, and integrity.

Brief History

Paddle Palace is owned by Judy Hoarfrost. Judy was inducted into the US Table Tennis Hall of Fame as well as the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame. With numerous US Junior and Senior titles, Judy was a member of the US Team for ten years, and a member of the famous “Ping Pong Diplomacy” Team that made history in 1971. In the early 1970’s, her family opened a table tennis club in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was named “Paddle Palace” because of its palatial home in an historic Elks Club Building, in a ballroom with chandeliers and ornate carvings on the high ceiling. This successful full-time club was a magnet for players and teams from around the world and a center for training, leagues, and tournaments. Paddle Palace developed a computer rating system for the Pacific Northwest that became the model for the current USATT ratings system.

Paddle Palace evolved from club to full-time equipment business in the late 1970’s. Paddle Palace was early to become computerized, and jumped onto the internet even before the advent of shopping-cart technology. We continue to work to employ the best technology, shipping methods, communication methods, and business practices, all with the aim of offering our customers the best possible table tennis shopping experience.

More About Paddle Palace

While equipment sales and serving our customers is our #1 focus in business, Paddle Palace also contributes to growing the sport. Paddle Palace is the ball sponsor for USA Table Tennis and the US Open and US Nationals, and is involved in many tournament and player sponsorships. In 2016, Paddle Palace opened Paddle Palace Club, a full-time professional club located right next door to the Paddle Palace equipment company.

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blackmambaknives.com reviews


4.7 based on 713 Reviews

Crafting Excellence and Passion at Black Mamba Knives

Welcome to Black Mamba Knives, where our devotion to knives, exquisite stabilized woods, jewelry, and other artistic endeavors comes together to form a profound connection. Our journey is more than crafting tools – it’s about embracing a community, a lifestyle, and a passion for impeccable craftsmanship.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, we’ve created a haven where every creation is more than a product; it’s an extension of our soul, and we’re excited to share it with you. Our dedication resonates through our customer service and the satisfaction of each handcrafted masterpiece that leaves our workshop in Mundelein, IL.

At the heart of Black Mamba Knives is a team of ten skilled artisans who pour their expertise, creativity, and heart into each piece. We specialize in hand forging and crafting intricate Damascus and steel knives, each one a testament to our craftsmanship and dedication to the art. Our workshop is not just a place where knives are made; it’s a realm where ideas, passion, and craftsmanship merge to create something extraordinary.

Located in Mundelein, IL, our workshop is more than just a space – it’s a sanctuary of creation. Every blade that leaves our hands is infused with the spirit of our team and the community we’ve built around us. Our commitment extends beyond the workshop doors, as we invite you to become part of our extended family.

When you visit our online store at www.blackmambaknives.com, you’re stepping into a world where every piece tells a story. Whether it’s a knife that becomes an everyday companion, a gun that becomes an heirloom, or a piece of jewelry that reflects your personality, we’re here to enhance your journey.

With an ever-growing collection that includes exquisite Damascus and many other steel Handmade Knives, pendants, and other innovative items, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design. Our promise to you is simple: we will continuously strive to deliver the highest quality products and innovative creations.

When you choose Black Mamba Knives, you’re choosing a legacy of passion, artistry, and commitment. Join us on this journey as we create blades that hunt beside you, enrich collections, and become cherished companions. Our online store is more than a shop; it’s your gateway to a community united by a shared love for design, quality, and perfection.

Thank you for considering us as your companions in this remarkable adventure. We invite you to explore our website, discover our creations, and experience the difference that true dedication makes.


Mark Kovalsky Founder, Black Mamba Knives

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fastracer.com reviews


4.9 based on 881 Reviews

Fast Racer is a leading online retailer for motorsports gear and apparel. We offer our customers the convenience of buying from anywhere so you can find exactly what you're looking for, compare prices, and get the item delivered to your doorstep!

We offer the best selection of racing and karting suits, gloves, shoes, neck-restraints, Hans devices, race seats, harnesses, and, especially, the best racing helmets and carbon fiber helmets in the market. Our cutting-edge racing gear offers the driver more comfort and helps you save energy to be faster and consistent so you can win the race. 

Our partnership with OMP, Bell Racing, Alpinestars, Arai, Stilo, Garmin, and other top brands, allows us to offer you nothing but the finest-quality racing gear and accessories. Our product line showcases gear to suit the needs of auto racers, outdoor and indoor karting drivers and enthusiasts. Our specialty overalls and gear meet the requirements set by FIA, CIK-FIA, SFI, and Snell, so customers can rest assured that they'll get their money's worth.

Fast Racer also offers you a risk-free online shopping experience with hassle-free returns, 'Race Now, Pay Later' interest-free payment option, and 5-star customer services. Visit us online today.

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Brassgoat.com reviews


4.9 based on 2,806 Reviews

Magwell Mounts was created by two life-long hunters, trappers, and firearm enthusiasts, with the purpose of putting the firearm owner at the center of everything we do. We strive to create products that are easy to use, durable, and designed to enhance the look of your firearm.

Named after the 'magwell' of an AR15 lower-receiver, our attachment technology is so simple it will leave you asking 'why didn't I think of that?"

We are based in the U.S. and all of our products are 100% manufactured and assembled here in the United States.

Why the name Brass Goat?

We believe after trying our Brass Goat just once you will agree, when it comes to Brass Catchers - it's the Greatest Of All Time. Our Brass Goat will 'eat' your fired brass efficiently, and without the bulkiness of traditional bag catchers.

Magwell Mounts has proudly earned over 2,000 verified reviews and has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisified with your purchase for any reason, simply contact us to arrange a refund.

For more information and to see Brass Goat in action visit us at https://brassgoat.com/


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nasaastro.com reviews


4.8 based on 129 Reviews

3D Wonders is customer-focused team, who specializes in 3D scanners technology. We supply the latest 3D scanners, software and accessories to businesses, schools and artists. Our products are widely used for reverse-engineering, quality control, and inspection, artifact preservation, product design, healthcare and prosthetics and orthotics.

Whatever your 3D scanning needs are, we're here to help you master the technology so you can focus on what you do best - innovate and create.

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gladiatorcornholegear.com reviews


4.8 based on 4,146 Reviews

Designed By Pros With all Players In Mind!

Gladiator Cornhole Gear is bringing revolutionary ideas and designs to elevate the game of Cornhole. Not only are our cornhole bags patent pending with the emerald cut design, we're also the creators of the patented original Cornhole Glove and patent pending Battle Bag cornhole backpack. We will continue to create and develop new and innovative designs to keep progressing the great sport of Cornhole.

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canadabicycleparts.com reviews


4.8 based on 856 Reviews

Canadian owned and operated, Canada Bicycle Parts is located in the heart of Montreal and caters to the Canadian cycling market. We're an online, one stop bike shop, offering the largest selection of bicycle parts, tools and accessories available for all cycling enthusiasts ranging from commuters to road and mountain bikers.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional online buying experience and top of the line customer service while offering quality items at competitive prices. Furthermore, as authorized dealers of all the brands we carry, we stand behind the products we sell with the full backing of all manufacturer warranties.

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OmadaGolf.com reviews


4.9 based on 633 Reviews

Welcome to OMADA GOLF, your team!

Our Journey to OMADA started with four friends, an apocalyptic golf course, and a desire to play the game of golf. 

Over the years, our experiences together led to the start of something great. We're not just a company; we're a movement.

We believe golf is on the cusp of being a game that all people can come together to enjoy regardless of skill or status. It's our mission to lead the charge into the new era of the game.

We offer products, content, and a community of people that every golfer can embrace. 

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fiberbuiltgolf.com reviews


4.9 based on 712 Reviews

Who Is Fiberbuilt Golf?

Since 1995, Fiberbuilt has been the golf industry’s leading provider of premium artificial hitting surfaces (golf mats and tee lines), with practice environments for every golfer, from beginner to pro. 


Who Uses Fiberbuilt Golf Products?

The company started purely with commercial products, delivering tee lines and mats for over 5,000 premier golf courses, driving ranges and teaching studios worldwide. Fiberbuilt tee lines and mats can be found at such prestigious locations as La Costa Resort & Spa, Mickelson International, SentryWorld (home of the 2023 Senior Open), and all GOLFTEC and Club Champion locations. 5 years ago, Fiberbuilt expanded into consumer mats with new configurations and hitting surfaces for practicing both full swings and short game, and is the most trusted provider for home golf simulator setups, including being a standard component of Foresight Sports’ Sim-In-A-Box packages.


What Are Key Fiberbuilt Golf Products?

Fiberbuilt offers a variety of golf hitting mats, allowing for practice for every part of a golfer's game. Its Studio Mats, Traditional Mats and Tee Boxes all allow for practicing full swings, each with its own unique benefits. Fiberbuilt also offers a variety of world-class Putting Greens, in both square and rectangular configurations, that include metal cups to reinforce the sound of made putts. And for practice with every club in the bag, Fiberbuilt Golf offers its unique Combo Mats, which combine a premium hitting mat with a putting green. Fiberbuilt also offers flexibility with its stowable mats, which allow for easy setup and breakdown for practicing golf just about anywhere. Fiberbuilt Golf offers standard product sizes on its site, and also offers custom configurations to accommodate any need (contact customer service at 833-328-3218).


What Makes Fiberbuilt Golf Unique?

Fiberbuilt is the only provider to offer three premium hitting surfaces to choose from. First is the Player Preferred Serieswith a hitting surface that is engineered for better players who appreciate the incredible feedback in sound and feel at impact, as well as the accurate launch monitor metrics these mats deliver. Second is the Fiberbuilt Grass Series, which has hitting strips that are ultra-durable and let you hit down and through to avoid the “turf shock” often experienced with lesser mats to prevent injuries to your joints. Third is the Performance Turf Series, which uses a uniform surface that provides a clean look and feels great under your feet as well as at impact, and even takes real tees.


Is Fiberbuilt Golf Legit?

FiberbuiltGolf.com has earned a 4.9 average star rating from over 590 verified customer reviews, indicating that people rate their experience as “Excellent”. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Please visit our site at https://fiberbuiltgolf.com or contact our customer service team for guidance on what mat would be best for you at [email protected] or 833-328-3218.

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