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pilestone.com reviews


4.7 based on 4,415 Reviews

Pilestone uses innovating technology that helps you to see colors in their true form; not only will your color vision be enhanced, but you'll be have the life-changing gift of seeing the true beauty of the world. Color blind glasses from only $79.

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cpapnation.com reviews


4.7 based on 14,729 Reviews

Our History

CPAPnation.com is a USA Veteran and family owned DME exclusively specializing in respiratory and sleep therapy since 2002. We are proud to be a part of Nationwide Medical, Inc. - an industry leader with over 35,000 active resupply patients and contracted with most major insurance carriers, including Medicare.

Our Value

CPAPnation.com is committed to providing each customer:

  • Access to the latest and greatest products. We pride ourselves on highlighting the newest products on the market, and carrying a variety of tried-and-true items from top manufacturers.  
  • Expert sleep care. Whether that is extensive coaching, or simple recommendations, our Customer Service team is equipped to handle all your needs.
  • Competitive prices. We offer competitive prices  to patients with or without active insurance coverage. Not every item is covered by insurance, and not every patient wants to use his/her insurance.  We are here to help you decide what is best for you. 

Our Promise

When you sleep better, we sleep better.

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nationwidemedical.com reviews


4.4 based on 740 Reviews

In October of 2002, we began contacting “orphaned” patients. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Patients, who in some cases hadn’t spoken to anyone in years, appreciated our efforts and were excited to receive supplies and follow up calls on a regular basis. Our patient services department follows-up with each patient every three months or more often, if necessary. In over 16 years, we have serviced on our follow-up care program more than 100,000 patients. Our trained specialists help our patients with any and all problems regarding their therapy. We also make available all necessary supplies and deliver them right to their home.

To sum it up, service has been the key to our growth and success. With more than 100,000 patients serviced over the years, with hundreds of sleep labs and thousands of physicians asking us to service their patients, there must be a reason. We believe that reason is why many individuals working at Nationwide Medical to insure one thing – patient satisfaction. Give us a try; you will be glad you did. Read about our objective and mission statement below:


The objective of our organization is to enhance the overall quality of life, dignity and well-being of every individual needing services, and to create a more equitable, accessible and efficient healthcare system. All members of our organization have the obligation to act in ways that will merit the trust, confidence and respect of our colleagues, patients, other healthcare providers, business associates and society as a whole. To do so, we must lead lives that embody an exemplary system of values and ethics.

Mission Statement

“Nationwide Medical, Inc. provides excellence in patient care through solutions and devices that enhance quality of life. With patient care as our main focus, we are dedicated to being the leader in our industry and strive to be the patient’s first and best choice in the products and services we provide. We maintain and promote the highest standards of our profession, while exceeding industry expectations.”

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lensonus.com reviews


4.8 based on 140 Reviews

Did you get a new eye presciption, but still want to use your favorite frame?  Or did you scratch the lenses on your Rx sunglasses and just want to replace the lenses while keeping your frame?

If you have a frame and a presciption for glasses (whether be it single vision, bifocal or progressive), then you don't even need to leave your house to have a new set of prescription lenses intalled on your frame! Visit our website where you can order your "lenses". We will send you an empty box initially where you can mail to us your frame as well. We will then make lenses according to your prescription and to your liking; We will install them on your frame and will send the final results back to you! The frame is on you, and the leses are on us! 

The whole process would take less than a couple of weeks to complete and you don't have to leave your house, drive in traffic, visit a physical store, etc.... none of that!

Just visit us at www.lensonus.com


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bodhisattva.com reviews


4.9 based on 361 Reviews

Bodhisattva Trading Co. was established in 1996 as a service to Dharma practitioners, meditators and collectors of Tibetan singing bowls. We are committed to hand-selecting the finest quality authentic, antique singing bowls and contemporary, hand-forged singing bowls available, and educating the public on the use of these meditation tools. Our mission is to empower present and future generations of healers with knowledge and skill in the use of singing bowls as healing tools, as well as to provide premium quality singing bowls and tuned sets to healers worldwide. We facilitate and encourage the use of singing bowls as stress reduction tools in private homes as well as in medical research, holistic academies, and in main-stream teaching hospitals and universities. 

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rayaspa.com reviews


4.9 based on 1,148 Reviews

RAYA is the result of 50 years of dedication to offering the HIGHEST QUALITY skin care at an affordable price.  What started as a labor of love by Raya and her husband so many years ago, is now a fully self-sustainable company that produces ALL of its product here in the USA in its own production facilities. In addition, all of Raya products are used daily at its flagship Los Angeles Day Spa. Which is also currently the largest facial salon in Los Angeles. 

What started as a love for and belief in skin care has grown into half a century of dedication to creating flawless complexions. 

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mywellnessproducts.com reviews


4.6 based on 1,906 Reviews

Total Life Changes features world famous Iaso Tea, Iaso Tea Instant, NutraBurst, NutraBurst+, NRG, and an entire collection of TLC detox products. Shop Total Life Changes.

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mfasco.com reviews


4.9 based on 5,188 Reviews

We are a family-owned first aid kit and first aid supplies company that cares about our customers and employees.  With an average of 20 years being employed by MFASCO, our staff works hard to provide service excellence, knowing both our employees and customers are critical to our success.  We hope you appreciate our impressive selection of first aid supplies and first aid kits, available on our secure website at www.mfasco.com 24/7.  As always, call us at 800-221-9222 and speak with one of our Customer Service representatives and we will be glad to assist you.  

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CompressionHealth.com reviews


4.7 based on 5,127 Reviews

Welcome to Compression Health.

  • We are a leading East Coast distributor of the most respected names in the support hose industry
  • Top name brands and first quality! Jobst, Sigvaris, Mediven, Juzo, CEP, and L&R surgical socks and stockings and Support garments.
  • We have expert Certified Fitters on staff to help you
  • Rapid turnover of products! New merchandise arrives daily. We accept all major credit cards and most health insurances!
  • Most liberal return/exchange policy on the web! We allow customers to try products and return/exchange if unsatisfied.

Visit us https://compressionhealth.com/

Call  (877) 382-7692

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