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Welcome to PURAFEM, your trusted destination for pueraria mirifica products, natural wellness and beauty solutions. Our company was founded in 2004 and the PURAFEM brand was first launched in 2008. We are proud to have supplied over 100,000+ satisfied customers worldwide with our premium pueraria mirifica products and we have already received over 3000+ 5 star PURAFEM reviews and counting. 

About PURAFEM: Your Path to Natural Wellness and Beauty

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, PURAFEM products are now supplied worldwide from distribution centers located in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Asia. 

At PURAFEM, we believe that beauty is more than skin deep – it's about nurturing your body and mind, embracing your natural self, and feeling confident in your own skin. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their true, radient selves through the power of nature.

Our Story

PURAFEM was born out of a passion for holistic well-being and a commitment to providing high-quality, natural products. We understand that in an age of chemical-laden cosmetics, impersonal beauty routines and surgical interventions, many people seek a more authentic and healthier way to care for their bodies. That's where we come in.

Our journey started with a simple idea: to harness the incredible benefits of nature to enhance beauty and wellness. We embarked on a quest to research, develop, and curate a range of products that are not only effective but also gentle on the body and the environment. We're proud to say that over the years, we've succeeded in bringing you an array of natural solutions designed to rejuvenate, renew, and revitalize.

Our Commitment to You

At PURAFEM, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident. We understand that beauty is unique to each person, and we celebrate the diversity of our customers. Our products are designed to enhance your natural beauty, not conceal it. We're committed to using only the finest, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free ingredients. Our formulations are meticulously crafted to deliver real results, and we believe in transparency every step of the way.

What We Offer

Skincare: Explore our range of natural skincare products, carefully crafted to nurture and rejuvenate your skin. From supplements and creams to serums, we have you covered.

Wellness Information: Along side our products we offer wellness information designed to enhance your overall health. Experience the benefits of herbal supplements, essential oils, and more along with the reasurance of our wellness booklets.

Beauty Products: Discover a variety of products that complement your beauty and skincare routines, ensuring a holistic approach to self-care.

Education: We're not just a store; we're a resource for knowledge. Visit our blog and resource center for tips, advice, and the latest in the world of natural beauty and wellness.

Join the PURAFEM Community

PURAFEM isn't just a brand; it's a community of individuals who believe in the power of natural beauty and holistic well-being. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Connect with us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and share your experiences with our products when you submit your reviews for PURAFEM.

We love reading what our customers have to say in our pueraria mirifica reviews and we are exceptionaly proud of our premium pueraria mirifica products that are the inspiration for our PURAFEM brand. 

We look forward to you visiting PURAFEM and we look forward to being a part of your natural beauty and wellness journey. Together, let's embrace the beauty of nature and the beauty within you.

With love and natural beauty,


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blossomperfumery.co.uk reviews


4.8 based on 4,341 Reviews

We offer high-quality, long-lasting fragrances inspired by the designer brands at an affordable price. In our store, you will find your perfect cheap alternatives to the high street perfumes. By buying our Blossom perfumes, you pay for a fragrance that will enchant you, not a subtle packaging or engraved logo. With us, you can afford diversity - choosing perfumes for the occasion or mood.

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beautifiedyou.com reviews


4.8 based on 15,218 Reviews

Welcome to BeautifiedYou. We are a small, family and friends-owned online retailer of high-end and luxurious skincare, cosmetics, makeup, and body care products located in Orange County, California, USA. Our products are usually found exclusively at high-end spas and physicians' offices. Thank you for your support of our small business.

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oralift.com reviews


4.7 based on 312 Reviews

Dr. Mohindra, inventor and owner of Oralift, developed a theory about lower facial height when treating patients with facial pain in the 1990's, and subsequently went on to develop the Dental Facelift technique. The results of his work were published in the internationally acclaimed Britsih Dental Journal. This natural facelift procedure is now used by many dentists throughout the world. Once Dr. Mohindra realised that similar  results could be  produced by a non invasive technique, Oralift was born ( 2002). To make the device available globally, he introduced the Oralift App and in 2020 the DIY version was created.

The Oralift device is manufactured in the UK using Dupont Elvax 150W, a thermoplastic material, and Grilamid TR90 a nylon material. It has been tested for safety in the mouth and is BPA free. The testing was done by Satra Technology Centre Ltd. notified body no. 0321.

We offer free worldwide shipping and orders are typically shipped the day after the order is received.

Our team includes Fran Mohindra, who initially helped with developing the Dental Facelift technique and became very interested in the anti aging and skin rejuvenation aspects of Oralift. She is now head of finance.

Sue oversees customer service. Since she began using Oralift several years ago and has used it regularly ever since, she now has an in depth knowledge about the App and the issues that are unavoidable when it comes to technology. She is perfectly suited to help all users and now has Holly to assisit her.

Our ecommerce specialists are outsourced from alternative businesses, but as Oralift becaomes a global success, the Oralift Team will continue to growm. Our Team is dedictaed to providing a personal service to our users and helping them to achieve the best possible results. 

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shinecosmetics.com reviews


4.9 based on 857 Reviews

Shine Cosmetics is more than just makeup; it's a transformative movement that embraces the uniqueness and beauty of every individual woman. With a mission to remove sexualization from the beauty industry and redefine standards, Shine Cosmetics offers a comprehensive range of products that promote self-confidence, accentuate natural beauty, and encourage self worth.

At the core of Shine Cosmetics' philosophy lies the belief that true beauty emanates from within. By offering a diverse collection of makeup products, the brand encourages customers to enhance their features rather than conceal them. From beautiful shades of lip products to the customer favorite BB Cream, each product is meticulously crafted to ensure quality, longevity and versatility.

Shine Cosmetics not only celebrates outer beauty but also champions inner strength. Through empowering campaigns and collaborations, the brand seeks to remove conventional notions of beauty and inspire a community of self-assured women who embrace their uniqueness. This commitment extends beyond makeup, as Shine Cosmetics engages in initiatives that support women, reflecting their dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

Shine Cosmetics offers a wide range of high-quality cosmetics that cater to diverse skin tones and preferences. Offering makeup products that allow for endless creativity with power words names, each item is designed to let your true self shine.

Join the Shine Cosmetics community, where your inidividuality is celebrated. Exchange beauty tips, share your journey and uplift others. By choosing Shine Cosmetics, you're not just purchasing products; you're becoming a part of a movement that empowers you to embrace your unique beauty.

Shine Cosmetics is more than skin deep. It's about embracing your individuality, fostering self-confidence and letting your inner radiance take center stage. Experience the power of makeup that enhances, empowers, and transforms - all while celebrating the beauty that is uniquely yours, so you truly shine.


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