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audiotrends.com.au reviews


4.7 based on 11,428 Reviews

Audio Trends is celebrating 40 years in the Audio/Visual business. However, our roots go back to the late 1950's when founder Stephen Lee began helping his father build his first stereo system. Sure, he didn't do much other than pass the tools but it was the beginning of a journey. In 1967, Stephen got his first part-time job selling audio gear for Myer who were a big player in the market at that time. This eventually lead to full-time employment in 1970. However, 1978 was the big change when he and a friend opened up Budget Hi-Fi in the leafy suburb of Wantirna. He became sole owner in 1980 and changed the name to Audio Trends.

Stephen was always known to talk a lot, but this was really his enthusiasm on display and undoubtedly helped Audio Trends grow and expand in 2004 to the present showroom in Ringwood. Our staff not only have the knowledge, but have the same enthusiasm when it comes to Customer Service. Whether your purchase be small or requires complex design and installation, Audio Trends can help. If you're looking for the best in products, value and service, then you're in the right place.

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batteryship.com reviews


4.8 based on 29,866 Reviews

BatteryShip Inc. is an American, family owned and operated company located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. Since 2005, BatteryShip.com has served long lasting, high quality

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osibatteries.com reviews


4.7 based on 17,305 Reviews

OSI Batteries is an authorized factory-direct distributor with custom production capabilities, delivering professional battery solutions worldwide.

OSI Batteries has been a leader in the battery business as a full-line replacement battery company for over 50 years. We are an authorized factory-direct distributor and value-add center of specialty batteries, chargers, and related products from top manufacturers in the industry. OSI delivers professional battery solutions to businesses, medical organizations, and government agencies who rely on battery power to get their jobs done.

We operate our own in-house battery assembly division capable of custom production orders of any size. OSI is now the master distributor for all Unipower batteries, products, and accessories, and also develops and sells its own brand of quality aftermarket replacement batteries for two-way radios, medical devices, UPS systems, emergency lighting, PLCs, barcode scanners, utility meters, and much more.

Our customer service team has years of experience finding the right battery solution. Servicing an extensive customer base from military and public safety departments, to schools, hospitals and everyday people, OSI is ready to help with your next battery purchases. Whether it is an OEM replacement battery, an aftermarket battery, or a custom battery, our team delivers personalized, one-on-one customer service and battery advice. We stand behind every order, and ordering is easy and convenient by phone, email, or our website.

Our experienced staff provides our customers with extensive knowledge in all aspects of the battery business. From battery assembly knowledge to battery market experience, working with OSI ensures you receive a comprehensive battery buying experience you can depend on.

OSI prides itself in providing a reliable, stress-free battery buying experience, and ensures we carry only the highest quality products, while providing fast and accurate delivery.

OSI is your One Source in Batteries. We can help power your day, because we know batteries.

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HDTVSupply.com reviews


4.7 based on 5,755 Reviews

HDTV Supply is a 22-year-old business located in Los Angeles, CA and has over 66,000 customers. Our support staff is in the U.S. & the support group are engineers & other technical people to support your needs. Our test lab is, we feel, one of the finest in the home theater market and is loaded with dozens of matrices, cables, switchers, splitters, as well as the latest 4K and HDR products.

We offer over 13,000 on-line products for you to pick from to help you solve your unique problem & support these products whether we manufacture them or are reselling another manufacturers' product. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we make it easy to locate the parts, and we quickly deliver them wherever they need to go. Just talk to one of our tech advisers or visit our website. You'll be connected to the products you require in no time.

We are professionals offering only discounted priced products, not discounted services. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and make it easy to locate the parts & we quickly deliver them wherever they need to go. Just talk to one of our tech advisers or visit our website. You'll be connected to the products you need in no time.

Buying From HDTV Supply Features:
  • Over 10,000 ***** Reviews
  • Choose From Over 13,000 Items
  • 30 Day Returns
  • Pay with any credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, or our Amazon Checkout
  • Free Lifetime Telephone Tech Support
  • Free Lifetime TEXT Support
  • Usual Same Day Shipping
  • 135,000+ Items Shipped
  • 100% Safe SSL Shopping
  • 60,000+ Happy Customers
  • Profitable since the company was founded in 2002
  • We haven't had any employee turnover in 15 years
  • We don't owe anyone
  • No one owes us

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1stop.com reviews


4.9 based on 1,865 Reviews

1Stop.com is a reseller of business IT products such as networking, security, VoIP and power protection.

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zetronix.com reviews


4.7 based on 22,646 Reviews

Zetronix Corp. was founded in 2006 in Boston, MA on principals of selling cutting edge technology superb quality consumer electronics.  

Founded in  Boston in 2006, Zetronix was one of the first small consumer electronics businesses to cultivate strategic partnerships with Asia-based manufacturers with the aim to bring high-quality and affordable goods to American consumers.  While the U.S. saw a spike in demand for affordable cutting-edge products, such as spy pens and dashboard cameras, Asia-based suppliers were not manufacturing products that met the high-quality standards American consumers demanded.  Zetronix sought to bridge the gap between the growing demand for state-of-the-art security products in the United States and the subpar quality of Asia-based manufacturers by working directly with engineers overseas to supervise every stage of product development, from conception to production, to create high-quality merchandise sold exclusively through Zetronix. Because Zetronix works directly with the factories on product development and quality assurance, we are able to offer high-quality products to American consumers at factory-direct prices. Before Zetronix fine-tuned this model, consumers had to choose between buying merchandise at higher retail prices or buying substandard quality merchandise directly from overseas factories to save money. With Zetronix, consumers don’t have to settle for low prices at the expense of quality. In addition, unlike many overseas manufacturers, Zetronix prides itself on excellent customer service.

Quality, Support, and Satisfaction Guarantee are the three core staples of the Zetronix business model.

  • Quality -  By working closely with overseas product developers, we implement a rigorous quality assurance process, testing and altering the product’s design and functionality until we are confident that the result represents the highest possible quality—both in terms of usability and durability.
  • Support -  We train our staff thoroughly on how every product works, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality support  via phone, email or chat.  Zetronix prides itself on offering friendly and professional customer support around the clock.
  • Guarantee -  There’s risk inherent in purchasing merchandise from overseas factories since in most cases the consumer has no way of confirming whether they’re purchasing from a reputable seller. 
  • Our results, on the other hand, speak for themselves. Over the last decade, we have sold millions of products to consumers in North America and around the world.  Our state-of-the-art merchandise can be found in police departments, government agencies and private security companies throughout the U.S. We proudly count the NYPD, the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Department of State among our loyal customers. 

    When you buy from Zetronix, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that has undergone rigorous quality assurance tests.

    Some of our most loyal customers include:

    • NYPD
    • US Department of Homeland Security
    • US Department of State
    • Alabama Crimson Tide
    • Austin Policy Department
    • Brighton Police Department
    • Dallas Police Department
    • Correction Facilities
    • Several School Districts
    • North American Driver Training Academy
    • Raytheon
    • State of NJ Transportation Dept.
    • Texas Department of Transportation 
    • Several US Embessies
    • USAF
    • Several Fire Departments
    • University of Hawaii
    • Several more to List

    Over the past 10 years, we have expanded our product line to include video display glasses, video camera glasses, dashboard cameras, surveillance system, security cameras, nanny cameras, hidden covert cameras, sports action cameras and much more.  Unlike our competitors who sell out-of-the-box factory direct products that may appear identical to our products, Zetronix invests a great deal of care to ensure superior product quality. We also customize each product with our brand, our manuals, customer redesigned hardware and software components. The result is a superior quality product at an affordable price. 

    1 Year Replacement Guarantee

    Every single product we sell comes with a 1 FULL YEAR replacement guarantee. If the product we sell you fails due to a manufacturing defect within 1 year we will replace it for free.  You won’t have to worry about dealing with unreliable international sellers, who may take months to replace your product.  We will replace your product within one week, and in some cases, we will send your replacement before you ship us back the defective product.   

     30 Day No Hassle Returns

    We offer an easy no-hassle return on all orders within 30 days of you receiving the product. If for any reason you no longer want your order, simply mail it back to us within 30 days from the time of the purchase for a full refund. No questions asked.

     Free Support

    Zetronix prides itself on providing free unlimited product support. If you  have any questions about a product’s functions, call our toll free number, email us or chat with us and we can walk you through every step to ensure you’re using the product correctly and optimally.  No problem is too big or too small; we provide unlimited support for all our products.  

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    batteryspace.com reviews


    4.6 based on 29,658 Reviews

    AA Portable Power Corp. (dba: Batteryspace.com)  was found in 2000 and became a reputable battery manufacturer over years. 

    We specialized in all kinds of rechargeable batteries and chargers, including Nimh batteries, Nicd batteries, Lead Acid batteries, Li-ion batteries, Polymer batteries, LiMnO batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, PCB/PCM/BMS and related battery chargers

    We have a 30,000 SqFt warehouse and two battery assembling lines   in Richmond California. We also have office, warehouse and production lines in Shenzhen, China. We have customers from all over the world, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India etc.   

    At BatterySpace.com, we are not only sell batteries and chargers, but also provide expertise to help customer design their own custom batteries. We also stock inventory for customers who place schedule order. Our sales and engineers have more than 20 years of experience, if you have any new design or inquiry, please just give us a call at 510-525-2328 or email us [email protected].  Our engineers will work with you to provide you the best solutions.

    In 2014, we set up our own UN38.3 Safety Testing Lab and can provide UN38.3 test service to our customers now.
    So why BatterySpace.com ?

  • 21+ Years of experience in battery industry with extensive knowledge.
  • Joint venture with several manufacturers, so we can provide fast & best services.
  • Two assembly production lines in USA for small, urgent custom orders.
  • Capability of designing and making custom designed batteries.
  • Can provide Industrial Grade High Resolution 3D printed cases/enclosures(maximum 12x12x11.8 inches).
  • Large selections of batteries, chargers, testing equipments and accessories. Excellent credit & buying power.
  • Private labeling and packaging for either big or small customers. Starting from 10,000 per order, customer can own their own brand name.
  • Own all buildings and testing equipment.
  • Can provide UN38.3 test service and report.
  • For batteries build by us, we can help to apply IEC62133 certificate.
  • 27,000+ reviews for BatterySpace.com
  • View batteryspace.com Customer Reviews >

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