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patriotgetaways.com reviews


4.9 based on 10,455 Reviews

Amazing Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals. With over 400 incredible properties, famously great prices, and outstanding customer service. American Patriot Getaways is the most trusted resource for Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg cabin rentals

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goldengalapagoscruises.com reviews


4.8 based on 5 Reviews


 Golden Galapagos is a full-service and Carbon Neutral Cruise Operator specialized in Luxury   Cruises  in the Galapagos Islands and top experiential travel on mainland Ecuador.

 Golden Galapagos fleet features four luxury catamarans in the Galapagos Islands: M/C Endemic, M/C     Elite,  M/C   Ocean Spray and M/C Petrel. We are specialist in small luxury cruise experiences   in   Galapagos. 

 Our premium vessels are spacious,   comfortable, and   eminently   seaworthy,   featuring panoramic views   of the   islands   from all   interior   areas and from the comfort   of each   suite.

The private outdoor balconies and sweeping   ocean views   enjoyed from each suite inspire   travelers to  form a more intimate   bond   with the   islands and their incredible wildlife,
delivering the   ultimate luxury  experiences while cruising in the remote   Galapagos   Islands.

Interconnecting suites area available for small groups and families. Catamarans are also availavle on a charter basis.

 Expeditions are a special feature of each trip, with guests being provided with all the equipment they need. This   includes action cameras, binoculars, yoga mats, snorkelling gear, and wetsuits.

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diyadventurevanco.com reviews


4.8 based on 41 Reviews

Here at Adventure Van Co. we provide the best in class insulating window covers, L-track accessories, and dozens of other products designed to complete your adventure van!  With over 20 years of experience building vans in our DNA, Adventure Van Co. knows what you need to complete your ultimate adventure vehicle! 

Adventure Van Co. is a local small business derrived from ADF Sprinters, one of the leading adventure van builders in the Southern California area that has been building adventure Sprinter vans for well over a decade.  From that building experience, Adventure Van Co. was born to provide the best parts and accessories to round out your existing build or jumpstart your latest DIY van!

With our insulating window covers in hundreds of vans all around the world, our handmade window curtains provide unmatched warmth in the winter and heat mitigation in warmer climates!  We have customers using our window covers in the tundras of Iceland and the barren desserts of Death Valley.

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GlobalTravel.com reviews


4.8 based on 609 Reviews

Michael Gross and Randy Warren, the creators of GlobalTravel.com, were essentially the first people to implement the home-based Travel Agent model in the United States and other countries that show you how to become a travel agent at home.

Now that it has established itself as the dominant player in the global travel agency, GlobalTravel.com is in a position to offer you assistance that is truly unparalleled on how to become a travel agent. When it comes to launching your own firm, you will want to collaborate with a business in which you are confident you can place your trust and which has the potential to contribute to your ultimate success and rewards. We walk you through the steps of becoming a travel agent and provide you with the resources you need to be successful in the industry as an independent travel agent.

GlobalTravel.com is a travel firm that is privately owned and operated out of Orlando, Florida. GlobalTravel.com was established in 1994 by Randall J. Warren, who currently serves as the company's chairman and CEO, and Michael A. Gross, who currently serves as the company's president and CEO. The annual revenues of GlobalTravel.com have already crossed the $125 million mark.

People who are looking for part-time work that provides flexibility and additional income as well as full-time travel agents who previously worked for brick-and-mortar travel agencies can become independent travel agents from home by using the resources that are provided by Global Travel. These resources are available to anyone who is interested in becoming a travel agent. Global Travel provides customers with customized attention, the opportunity to make revenue by booking travel for their friends, family, and business contacts, as well as deep discounts on travel. In addition, GlobalTravel.com provides customers with access to a variety of travel deals. GlobalTravel.com provides its affiliates with the greatest possible commissions and bonuses for referrals. Cruises, vacation packages, business travel, group travel, incentive trips, and other types of travel are just some of the areas of expertise offered by GlobalTravel.com. Tens of thousands of Independent Travel Agents may be found across 85 countries and 50 states thanks to GlobalTravel.com's expansive network. GlobalTravel.com puts a substantial amount of money into technological advancement and offers its members access to all of the relevant resources to assure their success.

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rovingblue.com reviews


4.9 based on 25 Reviews

About Roving Blue

We live in uncertain times. So many circumstances are out of our control - natural disasters, disease, political upheaval, cyberattacks, and other threats. Keeping our families safe becomes more and more complicated in our world today. You have to ask yourself, if the grid goes down, can you have safe drinking water?  Yes you can.  Can I have safe water when I travel?  Can I treat foods in my home to be sure they are safe?

Roving Blue has multiple devices that kill bacteria and viruses to transform impure water into water that’s tasty and safe to drink. The ozone-pen and the ozone-pod are our best sellers. People who buy one are usually return buy the other because they treat different amounts of water. The GO-3 is the first water bottle cap that purifies water, right inside the bottle. There is a discount code for you here on this page, for taking the time to learn about our products, should you decide you'd like to try them.

Roving Blue devices are the first of their kind. Over the next few paragraphs, I'll explain why this new, advanced technology is a fantastic new option for purifying drinking water.  Roving Blue is the water purification system you can depend on to be prepared for whatever comes your way. 


Hi, I'm Yana DeMyer. I'm an inventor and the CEO of Roving Blue, a company I opened in 2014. I'm 60 years old and a mother to three of my own, plus three adult stepchildren. When I'm not working, I love outdoor activities like shooting sports, hunting, fishing, camping, and gardening with my hubby, Jim. Jim runs his own light construction and carpentry business. 

A Little About Roving Blue & Ozone

Roving Blue makes an entirely new kind of water purifier, one you probably never heard about until now. So, here's our story. There is a nice little bonus waiting for you, If you make it all the way to the end,

Ozone. Most people understand it as a layer of gas up in the sky or as a kind of pollution that you are warned about. It's both. Its also much more.  What most people don't know about ozone, is that it has incredible purifying qualities. When you dissolve ozone in water, you create a sanitizing solution that is  more powerful than chlorine.  So, ozone is really good at killing things like bacteria and the germs that can contaminate water and make you sick. In addition to purifying drinking water, ozone water also can be used to wash foods or cutting boards. For example, ozone purification protects against outbreaks of salmonella and E. coli on lettuce and other produce.

But that is not the most remarkable thing about ozone. This is:  Ozone is an unstable molecule that reverts to ordinary oxygen within minutes of being created.  That’s right. Ozone provides germ-killing power, stronger than chlorine, and then the ozone goes away after its job is done.  NO ADDITIONAL CHEMICALS ARE NEEDED, AND NO CHEMICALS REMAIN. Ozone is a clean, green, and sustainable way to ensure that your water is safe. 

Owning a Roving Blue device gives you peace of mind. You no longer need to depend on the government, a water utility, or an in-home water filtration system to ensure your water supply. You can collect rain water or clear water from lakes, rivers, or streams and convert this water into safe, tasty drinking water.

Why Roving Blue, Why Now?

Ozone water purification has been around for decades. Look at any label on a plastic water bottle, and you will see the words “processed by ozonation.” Municipal water treatment plants use ozone, too, even in large cities like Los Angeles. The reason you have never seen products like Roving Blue before is that all the old ways of producing ozone involved expensive, complicated equipment and a lot of electricity. 

Roving Blue ozone generators feature an entirely new way to make ozone - by  electrolysis .  All of our devices have  electrolytic ozone generators.  I know that's a mouthful, so we call it "EO3." Roving Blue miniaturized the EO3 components into small, portable devices which require very little power. For example, our Ozone Pen weighs only 1.2 ounces, or 30 grams. Read what others are saying about the Ozone Pen in this review by Backpacker Magazine.

Why "EO3" the Best Choice in Ozone Generators:

The way ozone is produced matters. A LOT. if you search "ozone generators" online, you will see many products. Actually, most of them are cheaper than Roving Blue. What is the difference? All ozone generators require oxygen to make ozone. The difference is that those other units all make ozone out of oxygen that is in the air we breathe. They are known as "Corona Arc" ozone generators. They still require AC power, so it’s tough to make them portable. Additionally, they all produce ozone gas. This gas presents a challenge when it comes to making ozone water. These devices use air pumps and air-stone bubblers to try to dissolve the gas ino the water. This is just like the kind you see in aquariums. Most of the gas percolates through the water and straight into the air that you breathe. Ozone is definitely not healthy to breathe. That is why you will get "ozone pollution alerts" on the news.  Roving Blue has tested the air around these corona arc devices, and the results weren’t good. In less than a minute, individuals using Corona Arc generators will be breathing ozone in excess of the safety limits established by the EPA. You can see a :30 video comparing the two technologies here. If I helped educate you, please click the "LIKE" button, it will expose more people to this important information.

Thus, our technology is the safest option by far. Roving Blue’s ozone is made from the O in H2O. The ozone stays in the water until it reverts safely back to oxygen. Very little hazardous ozone gas is produced compared to a Corona Arc unit.

If you want be notified of any upcoming product announcements or special sales, sign up for our newsletter (I promise, we hate spam too, it rarely goes out). The form is at the bottom of our home page.

thank you!


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DealPeak.com reviews


4.5 based on 77 Reviews

DealPeak, LLC is a frontrunner in the hotel-booking industry worldwide; it operates a wide variety of country-specific websites through which customers can make reservations.

DealPeak, LLC has one of the largest online selections of lodgings, with over a million different options available in more than a hundred thousand cities and towns around the world. The company serves as a one-stop shop for hotel rates, features, and availability.

DealPeak LLC's main office is at 2200 N.W. CORPORATE BLVD STE 201. FL 33431 Boca Raton 1-800-919-2339.

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