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ezcontacts.com reviews


4.7 based on 320,790 Reviews

Online shopping and perfectly fit eyewear are no longer a paradox. Enter EzContacts.com the eyewear retailer that combines the convenience of online shopping with the personalized expertise you'd expect at your local eyewear store. From the finest designer frames to contact lenses, EzContacts' top eye professionals and opticians ensure that every lens leaving the facility is 100% accurate. We only use top-of-the-line products, utilizing quality brands like Transitions, Varilux, AND Crizal. Feast your eyes on a massive selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses made by the hottest designers around, with top brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, Tom Ford, and more at the lowest prices ever. Just when you thought it couldn't get more discounted, the unique EzPoints program helps you save even more! Best of all, our ordering process is made with you in mind, featuring educational instructions covering all aspects of prescription and fit, so that any consumer will have the smoothest time possible making their purchase. Questions are welcome and adeptly answered by our team of competent opticians and helpful staff. With the convenience of 24-hour service, as well as quality, professionalism, and selection, EzContacts will change the way you see online eyewear shopping- literally.

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Bettereyewear.com reviews


4.6 based on 10,477 Reviews

At BetterEyewear.com we strive to make your eyewear shopping Better than Best!

It is entirely for that reason, that we are continuously growing to become one of the largest internet-based designer eyewear retailers.

BetterEyewear.com currently stocks a vast selection of the most popular eyewear brands including Ray Ban , Versace, Prada, Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, DKNY, Tory Burch Etc.Our goal is to continue to stock the best of the thousands of new frames released each year. We are constantly adding more brands to our extensive selection, so make sure to check back often

Our remarkable growth has been driven by genuine word of mouth recommendations, based on authenticity of our products, excellence in price, and reliability of service. While we are continuing to improve our online functionality, our outstanding customer service has won us a loyal, and ever expanding fan-base.

At BetterEyewear.com customer satisfaction is our main priority. Therefore, we train our knowledgeable staff to understand the functions and features of each product, thus enabling a personalized shopping experience.

We look forward to providing you with quality discount eyewear at BetterEyewear.com

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theraspecs.com reviews


4.8 based on 5,237 Reviews

TheraSpecs glasses provide relief for individuals with light sensitivity, often a result of chronic conditions such as migraine, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. Based on decades of published medical research surrounding FL-41 glasses, TheraSpecs are precision tinted to filter the harmful blue light that can trigger these and other light sensitive conditions to provide natural relief without the negative side effects of medication or wearing sunglasses indoors. Even better, there are several styles of migraine glasses and photophobia glasses to fit your style. Protect yourself with TheraSpecs today.

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EyeBuyDirect.com reviews


4.7 based on 3,725 Reviews

We are an online eyewear retailer that manufacturers our own line of fashionable frames at affordable prices.

Everyone has the right to better vision. By personally crafting frames and delivering them to over 2,000,000 loyal customers, EyeBuyDirect keeps prices low while offering the strongest products in the online optical industry.

Our mission: To empower communities around the world by supporting their vision health.

Visit us:  https://www.eyebuydirect.com/

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pilestone.com reviews


4.7 based on 3,998 Reviews

Pilestone uses innovating technology that helps you to see colors in their true form; not only will your color vision be enhanced, but you'll be have the life-changing gift of seeing the true beauty of the world. Color blind glasses from only $79.

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lensonus.com reviews


4.8 based on 134 Reviews

Did you get a new eye presciption, but still want to use your favorite frame?  Or did you scratch the lenses on your Rx sunglasses and just want to replace the lenses while keeping your frame?

If you have a frame and a presciption for glasses (whether be it single vision, bifocal or progressive), then you don't even need to leave your house to have a new set of prescription lenses intalled on your frame! Visit our website where you can order your "lenses". We will send you an empty box initially where you can mail to us your frame as well. We will then make lenses according to your prescription and to your liking; We will install them on your frame and will send the final results back to you! The frame is on you, and the leses are on us! 

The whole process would take less than a couple of weeks to complete and you don't have to leave your house, drive in traffic, visit a physical store, etc.... none of that!

Just visit us at www.lensonus.com


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gameradvantage.com reviews


4.8 based on 2,726 Reviews

Gamer Advantage was founded by gamers, for gamers, and serves everyone using digital screens. We know that screens are important to your life, and we also know you almost certainly don’t sleep as well as you’d like. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With our clinically proven blue light filtering glasses and scientifically developed eye vitamins, Gamer Advantage is the solution to your sleep disruption and eye health. And better sleep means better overall well-being.

Whether you are a gamer or not, our glasses are for you. We offer prescription, readers, and non-prescription glasses designed with all-day comfort and styles for every occasion, at a more affordable price than you’ll find at your eye doctor’s office. For top-quality glasses with industry-leading blue light protection, look no further. Welcome to the family.

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