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Welcome to Fame Accessories.  Fame Accessories is a family owned business founded in 2010.  We are located in the iconic fashion district in downtown Los Angeles.  We established Fame Accessories when we saw the need for better product quality and distinguished customer service in the wholesale fashion accessories market. Now, 12 years later, we are one of the leaders in the space focusing on great quality at the lowest prices with the main goal of making our customers succesful in their businesses.

We are here with you!  Let's make your business flourish!

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Lavarijewelers.com reviews


4.7 based on 88 Reviews

We're a team hard at work, devoted to bringing you jewelry of the highest quality at a reasonable price. We give you expert advice on all purchases to help you find exactly what you're looking for. We offer free shipping and worry-free 30-day returns to help you shop with ease of mind. 

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lajoyajewelry.com reviews


5.0 based on 3 Reviews

Who is La Joya Jewelry

La Joya Jewelry, your gateway to stunning, responsibly sourced diamond pieces at accessible prices, was born from a revolutionary idea: luxury shouldn't come at the cost of affordability, ethics, or quality. Founded in 2019 by Nishit Mehta, a veteran jeweler with over 30 years of experience and an unwavering commitment to integrity, La Joya brings together the best of three worlds – exquisite craftsmanship, dazzling diamonds, and responsible sourcing – without breaking the bank.


A brand born from passion; a promise etched in diamonds.

Imagine heirloom-quality jewelry, infused with contemporary flair, crafted with responsibly sourced diamonds, and offered at prices that make your heart sing. That's the La Joya promise. We believe in conscious luxury, where mindful choices meet breathtaking brilliance. We're not just selling jewelry; we're empowering women to express their unique style, celebrate life's milestones, and embrace the joy of ethical sparkle.


Our guiding stars: a mission and a vision for every woman.

  • Mission: To make premium diamond jewelry accessible to everyone who believes in conscious luxury. We're here to shatter the myth that ethical, high-quality diamonds have to be out of reach.
  • Vision: To become the global leader in affordable luxury jewelry for women, paving the way for a more sustainable and mindful diamond industry.


What sets La Joya apart?

La Joya's lab-grown diamonds offer the same fire and brilliance as mined diamonds, but at a fraction of the cost. This conscious choice allows you to own a larger, more dazzling piece without compromising your values. La Joya is truly the Smartest Way to Save on Size and Sparkle


Does La Joya Manufacture its own jewelry?

La Joya is not just another pretty storefront! We've been the magic behind some of the most dazzling jewelry in the country for 30 years, crafting masterpieces for other big names. Now, we're cutting out the middle guy and sharing that sparkle directly with you. Think of us as the secret weapon behind stunning diamonds, finally stepping out of the shadows and into your jewelry box!


Why do our customers love us?

La Joya customers appreciate our dedication to striking the perfect balance between the key qualities that they value. We understand the desire for stunning diamond pieces that reflect personal style, align with ethical considerations, and remain within budget. Therefore, we provide:

·         Accessible Luxury: Our affordability allows customers to indulge in the thrill of owning exquisite diamond pieces without exceeding their financial expectations.

·         Timeless Design: La Joya's collections transcend fleeting trends, blending classic elegance with contemporary sensibilities. Our pieces are designed to become cherished heirlooms enjoyed for generations.

·         Uncompromising Brilliance: We meticulously source and cut our diamonds for optimal sparkle, ensuring every piece radiates exceptional beauty and fire.

·         Exceptional After-Sale Service: Our commitment extends beyond the point of purchase. We offer a comprehensive lifetime care plan, giving customers confidence and peace of mind when investing in La Joya pieces."


What products does La Joya Sell?

We've got something for every sparkle lover, from momentous milestones to everyday moments that deserve a touch of brilliance.

Make your 'I do' moment even more magical with a La Joya engagement ring. Our ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds capture the fire of your love and sparkle with dazzling brilliance, all while staying true to your values. Choose from timeless classics or modern designs, each one a symbol of your everlasting commitment.


And speaking of forever, our wedding bands are crafted with the kind of care that whispers promise of happily ever after. Each one is a masterpiece, reflecting the strength and beauty of your union.


But La Joya isn't just about the big days. We've got everyday sparkle too! Think diamond studs that catch the light just right, sparkling hoops that add instant glam, and dazzling necklaces and bracelets that dress up any outfit. They're all designed to be the little reminders that you deserve to shine, every single day.


So, whether you're celebrating a love story, rocking your own personal style, or just craving a little extra sparkle, La Joya's got you covered. Come join our community of conscious luxury and let your inner radiance shine!


Is La Joya Legit?

La Joya stands on a foundation of solid experience and unwavering commitment to quality and ethical practices. Led by Nishit Mehta, a jewelry industry veteran with over 30 years of impeccable reputation, the brand embodies integrity and transparency. This isn't just hearsay; customers have spoken, showering La Joya with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars across 315 reviews on leading marketplaces.


At La Joya we don’t just talk the talk; but also walk the walk. Unlike many online resellers, we own and operate our own factory, employing over 300 skilled artisans. This direct control over the entire production process ensures impeccable quality control and allows us to cut out unnecessary middlemen, offering you competitive prices without compromising on craftsmanship.


La Joya's expertise is not a hidden secret. We are trusted suppliers to some of the leading jewelers in the USA, a testament to our quality and reliability. And to top it all off, we practice complete transparency, providing clear information about our diamonds, ethical sourcing practices, pricing, and return policies.


In essence, La Joya is not just a brand; it's a community built on trust, quality, and conscious luxury. So, the next time you're looking for dazzling diamond pieces that don't compromise your values, choose La Joya – a brand built on decades of experience, ethical practices, and customer satisfaction.

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misahara.com reviews


5.0 based on 23 Reviews

Handcrafted in the heart of New York City, Misahara prides itself in being a brand that excels in fine jewelry artistry while creating pieces that embody the simplicity of everyday luxury. Inspired by the world around us, from the mesmerizing desert skies and wildlife of the Serengeti, and the Adriatic coast with its clear, blue sea, to the enchanting cities of Rome and Paris, each Collection tells a unique story and the versatile styles allow Misahara to cater to every taste. Always in pursuit of new adventures and trying to be more than just a fine jewelry brand, Misahara is the proud, exclusive partner of Ferrari North America for over 6 years. From designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp's travels and her bond with nature come exemplary and out of the ordinary creations. Beauty and craftsmanship of the designs are not the only priority for Misahara - sourcing diamonds ethically and constant efforts towards sustainability are embedded in the company's core values. Designs that evoke an emotion, inspire confidence and enhance beauty from the inside out while preserving Mother Nature - is what Misahara is all about. So, how does your jewelry make you feel?

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