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4.9 out of 367 ratings

Printify - Print On Demand Fulfilment for E-commerce.
Create custom products with your design and sell on your Shopify store. Automated order production and shipping directly to your customer with your branding. No monthly fee - pay only for order fulfillment.

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Clement Design® USA is the exclusive importer of Clement Design® premium chef apparel from France. Located in the south of France in beautiful Nice, for the past 17 years Clement Design® has distinguished themselves from their competitors by using new innovations that include the patents of the I-Belt and Dry-Up fabric technology. Clement Design® uses innovative fittings and trendy colors to push the professional chef’s apparel to new heights of fashion and functionality. Recognized for the “avant-garde” design and the quality of its clothing, Clement Design® is recognized in the high-end kitchen all around the world.

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Ninth Isle serves a wide variety of Aloha Shirts, Dresses, Children's clothing, Hula Skirts, Car Seat Covers and more. Aloha apparel is so much more than just a basic physical human necessity, it is the embodiment of paradise that endures with you through the thick and thin, bringing you smiles and lifting your spirits through any obstacle and celebration. Bring color and nature with you, be it in the office, at home, or even in the car, there's no need to leave behind your paradise just because you're not on vacation 24/7. You can trust us at Ninth Isle to hand make every single piece of Aloha Apparel and Car Seat Cover. Your Aloha Hawaiian Shirts, Dresses, Baby Clothes and Car Seat Covers receive the Aloha and care that is unique to Hawaii. We Aloha you through our handmade products, which we know will bring Aloha to you, your home, and your friends; even passerbys who are lucky enough to spot you when you're out and about. 

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4.8 out of 5 ratings

At Yes It's Organic, you'll shop with confidence, knowing that all cotton is Certified Organic Cotton and all wool is Certified Organic Wool.

We offer Certified Organic Bedding, Certified Organic Clothing, and Sustainable Bamboo Furniture.

The fabrics for bedding and clothing are Certified Organic Cotton, Certified Organic Wool, Bamboo, Hemp, and Tencel® (Lyocell). 

Bamboo, Hemp, and Tencel (Lyocell) are all "cellulosic" materials made from plants, similar to cotton fiber. However, bamboo and Tencel (lyocell) are smoother and softer. They all have exceptional qualities of being bacteria resistant (you can wear them longer without building up odors), moisture wicking (they don't feel heavy when wet with perspiration like cotton), and release moisture more quickly than cotton.

Tencel is a brand name and Lyocell is the generic name for a fabric made from Eucalyptus trees with one of the most eco friendly manufacturing processes in the world. It produces exceptionally soft, smooth, and "sublime" feel to sheets. Try them and you won't use anything else.

We pride ourselves in offering outstanding customer service. We want all customers to be totally satisfied. 

We value your feedback and use it to improve and add offerings. So, please let us know what you think.