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HE351 V-Band Clamp - 4.50
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
HE351 V-Band Clamp - 4.50"
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Lewis M - 08/29/2019

It is a very good clamp considering it's made one piece all the way around and then welded on each end versus the other types of V clamps we have the V part and then you have a flat part on the outside which only has two or three tack welds around it the downside is because it is solid one piece the thing you were using it for has to be able to come completely apart so you can open it up just a little bit slide it over the one side put your item back together and then slip it over and clamp it if you're expecting to be able to open it wide and slip it around the project while it is just barely a part forget it it will not work because it's one solid piece unfortunately the turbo I was using it on they no longer make a now I know why because when this clamp finally lets loose the housing does not allow the exhaust fan blades to be pulled out easily to put the clamp on half of it and then slip it back together and clamp it together I will use this clamp on something else that I can easily take apart so I have also changed my Turbo make sure you get new turbo that have the bolts not the clamp that who hold the two housings together exhaust part having one of these type of clamps is fantastic because if your pipe ever breaks or anyting it's super easy to take off and get to

Lewis M


The only part I did not like his because on eBay and other places they do not give you the exact dimensions all the way around so calling someone in talking to a person was fantastic because that person actually could grab the device measure it and make sure everything was correct the downside was I had to pay extra for that quick service in the future now that I know this clamp Works in other clamps I may go someplace else due to the fact that it's a lot cheaper if you don't have to talk to a human

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