RecPro Charles 30
RecPro Charles 30" Powered RV Wall Hugger Recliner in Cloth
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Hopscotch - Today

As I expected

The chairs are as advertised, arrived as promised and seem to me to be a good value. I'm not nuts about the blue LEDs incorporated in the switch but will disable them when I get a chance. There is a switch to turn them off but it also turns off the power to the recliner motor. They fit thru the door of my motorhome with no problem. I fabricated my own mounting method inside our living room slide.

RecPro Charles 58
RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
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Sadie - Today

Great purchase

The recliners put together as a sofa are very comfortable. Easy to get into camper and set up. Can’t say enough about the experience from start to finish. Wish there was a dog cover for each recliner. The cover we used on the sofa we replaced, doesn’t work on this set up.

RV LP Propane Gas Detector with CO Carbon Monoxide Alarm
RV LP Propane Gas Detector with CO Carbon Monoxide Alarm
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Beepbeepbeep - Today

Constant false alarms

The unit goes off repeatedly for no apparent reason. Frequently it goes off for 3 beeps, then shuts up. This may happen several times a day. It goes off if I boil water, it goes off if I cook with wine, it goes off when the windows are open, it goes off when the windows are closed. We haven’t run propane for 6 months and it still goes off. If I knew how to rip it out or completely disable it, I would.

RV Slide Out Seal - 3
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
RV Slide Out Seal - 3" Wiper Seal with Bulb
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JAMES H - Today

worked perfect

As good or better than original. Easy install.


Today - Texas

Easy and fast order process

RV Window Teardrop 14
RV Window Teardrop 14" W x 16" H
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MayorNorth - Today

Easy install, extra screws provided, drill pilot holes

Was easy to install, I mounted to sheet metal on van camper conversion and used 3/4" plywood inside as backing before installing retainer ring. Make sure to drill pilot holes for easier screw install. I only put 4 of 5 stars because I thought the window would open more but because of its size and rounded corners it only opens a few inches. Not really a quality issue just a note about design that may be overlooked. Still very happy with it.

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