About this Company is a leading DME medical supplier in the orthopedic industry with over 30 years of collective experience. We carry a wide range of products from knee bracing, back bracing, posture shirts, ankle supports, post-op shoes, arm slings, shoulder immobilizers, neck collars, cold therapy, assisted living, TENS, pediatric and health/fitness products.

We carry all major product lines such as the Ossur Unloader OA, Ossur CTi Knee Brace, Ossur Foot-Up Drop Foot Brace, Ossur Formfit Pro, Ossur Formfit, Ossur Equalizer, Ossur Exoform, Ossur Miami J, DonJoy Reaction Web Knee, Breg WrapOn and Intelli-Flo Pads, Breg T-Scope, Alignmed Posture Shirts, Universal products, Bauerfeind GenuTrain and ManuTrain products, Comfortrac Cervical Traction, Northcoast Medical and more.  Products to aid in the healing of Knee Arthritis, ACL and MCL Recovery, Sprained Hamstrings, Ankle Swelling, Stress Fractures, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bone Spurs, and more. We carry products for all major sports with an easy to navigate menu bar.

All of the products we carry are professional grade at a very competitive price.  We offer store-wide free shipping and a generous return policy.   We strive on fast delivery times and the best customer service department in the industry.

DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace  Medium  Medial Right  Lateral Left
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace Medium Medial Right Lateral Left
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Muriel - 2 days ago

I have been having knee problems for a while but this brace really helps keeping it secure. I would recommend this product to anyone with knee problems


2 days ago - AL

Great experience

Chattanooga Pron Pillo
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Chattanooga Pron Pillo
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Val - 3 days ago

Face cutout pillow

Quick delivery. Great quality!


3 days ago - NC

Quick delivery. Good experience :)

Breg Lace Up Ankle Brace  XLarge
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Breg Lace Up Ankle Brace XLarge
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Karen - 1 week ago

It protects my ankle from pain most of the time


1 week ago - Indiana

I had to replace my other brace with a new one

Breg Cothera VPULSE 12VDC24 W Wall adapter
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Breg Cothera VPULSE 12VDC24 W Wall adapter
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AZ S - 6 days ago

Very Pleased

I was pleased to receive my order very quickly. It came when I needed it most. I will most certainly order from Shop Ortho again.


6 days ago - AZ

I was in great need of a power supply cord for my cold water circulation unit. My order was processed quickly which ihas been instrumental to my post op healing.

DonJoy Professional Condyle Pad Set
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
DonJoy Professional Condyle Pad Set
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Bluestar - 1 week ago

Wrong size

Didnt fit my brace


1 week ago - NM

Sent back for refund

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