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Social Proof

Collect Customer Ratings and Reviews then tell the world with Shopper Approved Certificates, Seals, Widgets and Awards.

How it works

Collect Customer Ratings and Reviews then tell the world with Shopper Approved Certificates, Seals, Widgets and Awards.

1 Customer Buys
From Your Site
2 Customer Completes
Initial Survey
3 Customer Receives
4 Customer Completes
Full Survey
5 Customer Review Gets Syndicated to

Adding these seals and widgets to your website builds customer trust while increasing your social proof and online sales.


“There is nothing more valuable to B&H Photo-Video’s managers than customer feedback. Shopper Approved does two things to make this happen – the customer feedback they obtain is valid and reliable, and they’ve gone well above our expectations in meeting our needs and providing speedy responsive client support. We’re equally pleased to note that most of the customers who are asked to supply reviews to this site seem more than willing to do so. Shopper Approved is second to none in their field and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

-Harry Posner,

“It took a year for the Shopper Approved sales team to convince us to try it, but after collecting over 8,000 ratings and reviews in our very first month, we were thrilled with results! With Shopper Approved 5-Star Ratings automatically appearing in our Google, Yahoo and Bing ads, potential customers can actually 'see' our reputation - establishing a high level of trust and credibility before even visiting our site. We couldn't be happier with the results.”

-Osher Karnowsky,

“We had tried 5 different site review companies over the last few years. We were underwhelmed and disappointed . Some of them used our survey as a chance to capture our customer's personal data so they could market directly to them. Other companies lured us in with reasonable prices and then raised the price by 20x without even giving us a phone call.

I've been completely happy with ShopperApproved. I believe Shopper Approved cares about merchants and about customers. I have found them to be both honest and fair, and I know that their solution works better than anything else we have tried. Shopper Approved helps us get 30 times more reviews than any other solution we tried and they give us the tools we need to get feedback from our customers. Now we're interacting with customers in a proactive way and making sure they are happy.”

-Harry Posner,


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With Shopper Approved The Proof Is In The Numbers

Customer Ratings and Reviews have been collected in the last 30 days.

of all ratings in the Shopper Approved system are either 4 or 5 star ratings.

out of of our client's customers surveyed said they're more likely to buy from a website that displays the Shopper Approved Seal.

Total Ratings and Reviews have been collected since 2010.

of all ratings in the Shopper Approved system are 1-star ratings.


We never use money, prizes, or gifts to gather or influence ratings.

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