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DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System
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Susan A - 02/24/2022

not happy

still haven't recieved my order that i placed on Feb. 15th, i got a email that it was on backorder, but would like to know when i will get it

Susan A

02/24/2022 - TX

quick and easy to order, but not good on shipping

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Respironics InnoSpire Essence Compressor Nebulizer System
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Brenda - 02/24/2022



02/24/2022 - Florida

it went well

No Image Available
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Respironics InnoSpire Elegance Compressor Nebulizer System
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Christy P - 02/14/2022

Nice little nebulizer for the price. Quick delivery service.

Christy P


Quick and easy ordering process

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Allied Healthcare Pediatric Mask with Nebulizer
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John - 02/12/2022

Terrible product

The first time I ordered these they worked great for an elderly, very petite woman. I reordered when I needed more. The next masks I received would not stay attached to the nebulizer. After just a couple of minuets the tubing would pop off. Making these useless. I have to hold the tubing onto the nebulizer in order to use them.

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Allied Adult Mask with Nebulizer and 7 Feet Tubing
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old F - 02/10/2022

good mask

this is the mask i was ordering or so i thought but somehow received a child's mask instead.

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