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Pari O-PEP Mucus Clearance Device

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Pari O-PEP Mucus Clearance Device
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Tom S - 03/30/2022

Nowhere near enough back-pressure for my liking, but potentially still useful

I'm still trying to make friends with this device. It clearly can be helpful in clearing mucus from my chest. I thought it was advertised as being adjustable for pressure, but it's not. I'm using plumbing parts and heavy tape to restrict air flow to provide more back-pressure when I'm exhaling. That seems to be working pretty well, but I'm really surprised how unsatisfactory the air pressure was without my multiple attempts to restrict the outflow. I'm a former woodwinds player, including both single and double reed instruments, so may be used to much more back-pressure than others who try these devices. With my attempts to restrict the outflow to produce much more back pressure, I do seem to be able to clear some mucus each time I use the device, but these added rigging attempts are going to make cleaning way, way more difficult than it should be.

Tom S

03/30/2022 - MI

HATE having to sign up in order to get pathetically small price discount. Sure would prefer faster delivery service. Please read my review. Is there some second version of this product available, that is designed for custom-setting of back-pressure? My jerry rigging is working to some extent, but I'm really surprised how "open" the device is without my adjustments. The back pressure is nowhere near enough to make me feel the potentially therapeutic effects, without my customization using plumbing parts and tape to restrict the outflow.

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