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Water Flossers, Bacteria and You

  • Clinical studies have proven that using a water flosser for teeth cleaning is beneficial
  • Clinical studies have also proven that Xylitol minimizes harmful bacteria

WELTIP Combines the Water Pick With Xylitol

What is Xylitol? Xylitol does not harm the good bacteria we need for a healthy smile. You will notice after using our system for a few days your gums feel healthier. We recommend that you brush gently as any plaque is easily removed.

Best Water Flosser For Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis and Gum Recession are caused by Plaque Bacteria. When you water floss with just water, you are spreading this bacteria throughout your mouth. You also risk pushing it deeper into your gum pockets.

WELFLOS water flossers are rated higher than Waterpik

WELFLOS are inspected and tested (without water) prior to shipping. WELTIPs are assembled in the USA. WELTABs are manufactured in the USA. We make the extra effort so you have a great first experience. Waterpik replacement tips are also available.

As a member of our Smile High Club you get a Lifetime Water Flosser Warranty on your WELFLOS. You will never buy another waterflosser.

Fresh Guard Soak by Efferdent
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Fresh Guard Soak by Efferdent
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Marilyn V - 03/20/2021

Product does the job .. it rocks!!

Marilyn V

03/20/2021 - TX

Reordered ... Love your products and customer service! Will continue to buy.

WELTAB Water Flosser Tablets - Smooth Mint / 1
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
WELTAB Water Flosser Tablets - Smooth Mint / 1
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Giovannisgirl - 02/27/2021

Good buy

Received within 2 days of ordering- I like the taste.


02/27/2021 - GA

Very quick to order - can call if there is a problem. Shipped and sold in USA

Spry Toothpaste, Peppermint, Fluoride Free
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Spry Toothpaste, Peppermint, Fluoride Free
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Ebanjelina T - 01/30/2021

Great items continue to buy

Ebanjelina T


Awesome product

WELTIP + WELTAB Water Flosser Tablets - Compatible Waterpik Tips
WELTIP + WELTAB Water Flosser Tablets - Compatible Waterpik Tips
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Rose - 01/13/2021

So glad I tried this!

I have been using the water flosser about 18mo. My gums aren't bleeding any more. My mouth feels the best it's has in a looong time. Thank you WELDENTAL!

WELFLOS M Complete Care Periodontal Disease Treatment
WELFLOS M Complete Care Periodontal Disease Treatment
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Robin - 01/13/2021

Great results

I recently have been doing everything I can to reverse periodontal gum disease. I got a deep cleaning throughout and this tool should help keep and increase my level of health. I've learned so much through this process and now my kids are using water picks as well. Gum disease isn't something to play around with.

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