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Sue R.
02/04/2020 , CA

The price range was perfect for our situation at the time. With our finical issues we really wanted to have a nice wedding. Tracy Catering understood this and was very kind to our needs. They provided an excellent meal with perfect service!

Kyle G.
02/04/2020 , CA

Tracy Catering gives you prompt and professional service. They are accommodating when you are unsure what to choose from their big menu. They offered so much advice and truly made our party shine! Without them, I am sure the party would be in shambles. I appreciate their availability to all price ranges and their fantastic tasting food!

Andre R.
02/04/2020 , CA

OMG, the best in town!

Susie H.
02/04/2020 , CA

Perfect for busy people.

Gertrude L.
02/04/2020 , CA

Ordered catering for my son's birthday for about 50 people. Tracy Catering was really responsive in the months before the party. I pinged him with lots of questions and he was always responsive. They arrived on time and set up a beautiful layout. The food was beyond anything I could have imagined! Fabulous, yes fabulous! My son was super happy and so were the moms and dads there. It fit well with our birthday theme too, which was a win-win for us! We ordered the Kalbi and it was super thick. Really great food, great service. Would order again.

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