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Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Quentin C.
1 day ago , NC

Send to Colony tire. My phone is 252-227-1192

Product Choice

Great price

Company Choice

Great price

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer ERIC B.
1 day ago , NY

Very satisfied with the wheels. Can't wait to get the mounted!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Monique S.
1 day ago , AZ

Expected delivery was on the 17th and they didn't get here until three days later. I had to spend forever on the phone to track them down and then I was sent from person to person with inaccurate information. Had I received accurate information such as I could pick up the tires I could have resolve the issue but because I was given in accurate information I had to suffer through the 106° heat in Phoenix and pay $150 to stay in an RV park waiting for the tires to arrive. In addition the tire store had me scheduled for the expected delivery and had to rearrange their schedule to accommodate my installation. I would rather spend a $200 difference and get the tires for the tire store directly next time then deal with this drama.

Customer Service

Product Choice

Good brand

Company Choice

Least expensive tires with the best delivery

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Anthony V.
3 days ago , MO

Good service

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer David S.
1 week ago , WI


why Trust Verified Reviews?

Verified Reviews are real, authentic reviews collected from actual paying customers, using Shopper Approved's Verified Review Platform. When reviews are Verified by Shopper Approved, you know that you can trust them to make better buying decisions.

Unverified Reviews on the other hand, are reviews collected by Open Review platforms that allow anyone to leave a review, without any validation or proof of purchase. Unfortunately, most reviews you read online are Unverified Reviews, and can't be trusted.

As a consumer, here's how you can tell the difference:

Verified Reviews from Verified Review Platforms like Shopper Approved, have much higher review counts and higher overall Star ratings, because they attempt to collect reviews from every single paying customer.

Unverified Reviews from Open Review Platforms, tend to have much lower review counts and more negative Star ratings, because people with bad experiences are primarily those who leave reviews. This often creates a misleading, inaccurate portrayal of a companies true reputation.

So, when searching for Verified Reviews, look for the name you know you can trust. Shopper Approved.

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