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Cummins Oil Dipstick - 98.5-02 Dodge Cummins
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John V - Today

Cummins dipstick

Apparently there are three different dipsticks that show as the right one for this application. I now have the one that’s to short and the one that’s way to long. Not Thoroughbreds fault, they shipped what I ordered quickly and customer service dept. is great. Will definitely buy from them again.

John V

Today - NV

Custmer service is awesome

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Mishimoto Air-To-Water Intercooler - BLUE - 11-16 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L
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Joshua S - 1 day ago

Worth the price.

Little more then I wanted to spend. But overall quality and guarantee made it worth it.

Joshua S

1 day ago - KS

Went smooth and part got to me quick.

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Red Head $175 Core Charge
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Kevin - 2 days ago

Little expensive


2 days ago - Oregon

Pretty good

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Thoroughbred Fuel Injection CP3 Pumps - 03-07 5.9L Dodge Cummins
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Kirk J - 3 days ago

First cp3 pump that I received was faulty. It caused to have to diagnose my problem. Ended failed cp3 pump. They did send me another pump that did work. Of course I had to pay for it. Kept one of my shop bays tied for a couple days

Kirk J

3 days ago - GA

Was sent a faulty cp3 pump. Spent time with technical assistance. Explained my problem. They asked me to put back my old pump and retest. Of course it was faulty. That is why I ordered the new cp3 pump. End result was that they sent me another cp3 pump that did work. It kept my bay tied up for a couple days. I lost a lot of time on this job

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Hamilton Cams 24 Valve 188/220 Camshaft Combo - 98.5-18 Cummins - Street/Strip
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Tim D - 3 days ago

It maybe the best cam ever, except I have yet to receive it!! I got a partial order. I HAD to call to find out about my order. It had a ship date of 5/20/22 an today I got an email for a new ship date of 6/7/22. You need to update you website!!!!

Tim D

3 days ago - NC

You had what I needed.

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