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Semperlite is one of the only on-demand retail platforms for consumers and contractors, offering thousands of high quality, hard to find lighting products typicallyshipped within 24 hours.


What's on-demand? It means that every single product we offer has been requested by you, the customer, and now is stocked in our warehouse. Pretty cool, huh? This is made possible due to years of research and allowing customers to make requests for items that are not so common, and us reacting to your needs.


We enable consumers to buy lighting products directly from a wholesaler, instead of a retailer (our return rate is <2%). This isn't a small retail store. We're a large wholesale commerce that just happens to listen to their customer needs, which make the possibilities endless. Compare that to a typical ecommerce lighting store, where you buy from a massive database of items that are never in stock, and never ships within 2 weeks.

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Kerry G - 09/28/2018

Semperlite has had my products in stock everytime i need to order!!

Kerry G


Very easy to find product and order.

LH0460 (incan- e26, flanged adapter)
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
LH0460 (incan- e26, flanged adapter)
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MIKE B - 09/27/2018

got my order in good time



The website was easy to navigate

No Image Available
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
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DAN L - 09/24/2018

short search!

They had hard to find drivers!




LH0056 (bipin- spl, screw, unshunted)
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
LH0056 (bipin- spl, screw, unshunted)
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Steve - 09/21/2018

The items I had ordered were the exact replacements for my fixture, they arrived undamaged and I was having a hard time finding any suppliers that would only sell me 6 items. Your service was greatly appreciated. Best of luck in the future! Thanks!


09/21/2018 - OH

So Far So Good!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
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Paul M - 09/05/2018

The light fixture is already up and working.

Paul M

09/05/2018 - FL


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