RecPro 44
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RecPro 44" RV Dinette Booth with Optional Table and Leg
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James K - 2 days ago

Great Value In Updating Our Class A Gas RV

The purchase arrived in three boxes; two each for the benches and one for the table and legs. All were well packed. No damage. This set has not been installed as of this date. But plans are for the very near future. We had recently reupholstered the driver's and passenger's seats in the same fabric as the dinette. A great look! Photos coming as soon as I'm able to make that happen.

James K

2 days ago - NM

Great Selection Always! Great Communication As Well!

RV Awning Cover Kit
RV Awning Cover Kit
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JJKLCNM - 2 days ago

A Practical Solution

As the awning was replaced, wanted protection while RV was in storage, or on the road. These covers were a clever solution for our 2011 Thor Daybreak 28PD. Though being UV resistance, they were coated with 303 before being attached to the awning. A tall ladder is required for installation which is straight forward. Removing the covers is easier than installation. For storage, each cover fits within the other.

14' RV Awning Replacement Fabric Heat-Welded Seams (Actual Width 13' 1
14' RV Awning Replacement Fabric Heat-Welded Seams (Actual Width 13' 1")
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JJKLCNM - 2 days ago

Good Value

This Awning was purchase as a replacement for the awning on a 2011 Thor Daybreak 28PD. Viewed a couple of YouTube videos re the replacement of RV awnings prior to the job. Without any assistance I was able solo to replace the existing awning with this replacement. I found a couple of tall ladders, and a couple of shorter ladders as great supports of the awning frame work. The task took about four hours to complete.

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1" RV Vinyl Insert White Heavy Duty Screw Cover
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Phillip W - 2 days ago


Work great look good

Phillip W

2 days ago - OH

Easy fast and and install with ease

RecLite LS RV Dinette Table 38
RecLite LS RV Dinette Table 38" X 30" with Optional Leg System
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nntrim5 - 3 days ago

good purchase

Table looked great. Booth seat is a different no support on misalignment of seat.

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