T-Slot Cordless Drill Attachment for Scissor Jacks
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T-Slot Cordless Drill Attachment for Scissor Jacks
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Don H - 1 day ago

CREATIVE / Customized use for this Split Socket

I purchased this to "Customize it" -- so I could use it in combination with a 3/8" ratchet to remove the hull drain out plug in our 2011 MasterCraft Inboard Ski Boat. My customizing was a follows: 1) elongated the split in the socket and widened it, 2) purchased a 15mm 3/8" socket and cut the 15mm end off of it, 3) cut off the shaft for the drill, and 4) welded the reduced size 15mm socket (just the 3/8" driver end) to the split socket, 5) lastly ground down the welds to make the socket end smooth. I now have a "one of a kind" split socket that I can attach to a 3/8" universal, then to a 6" 3/8" driver extension AND then to a stubby flex head 3/8" ratchet. That combination works GREAT for removing the hull drain plug in our 2011 MasterCraft that is in a "tough to get to" location in the hull.

Don H

1 day ago - OH

Super SELLER with LOW Prices & FREE Shipping - - TRIPLE WIN!

RV Powered C-Jack Stabilizer Assembly
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
RV Powered C-Jack Stabilizer Assembly
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Melanie M - Today

Not a good experience

Only one bolt in the box for the jack to attach to me trailer. No instructions were included as well as the wiring to run to the battery. I returned the item for such poor packaging

Melanie M

Today - FL

Very easy to order online. I felt that more attention to the details on packaging could have been used.

RecPro Charles 67
RecPro Charles 67" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat in Cloth
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Cheryl - 1 day ago

We love our new recliners. They are very comfortable and they look so stylish. Thank you RecPro!!

Signature required at delivery + $6.00
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Signature required at delivery + $6.00
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James K - 2 days ago

Well, the driver has an electronic clip board, and I "finger" penned my signature.

James K

2 days ago - NM

Great Selection Always! Great Communication As Well!

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1" RV Vinyl Insert White Heavy Duty Screw Cover
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Richard C - 2 days ago

Good buy

Good buy really good product

Richard C

2 days ago - Suffolk

Really easy to do great site

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