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WalkyDog Deluxe Biking Bundle

4 weeks ago by Richard S. (BC)

Awesome product.

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SaltyDog™ Saltwater Proof Stainless Steel Dog Collars - Pink XXXL 21-23.5 inch neck

03/20/2019 by Madison.

Best collar ever

I live in Charleston SC- so going to the beach is a must. This collar has not faded in color nor has it developed any rust from our beach trips. I love that I can wipe this collar down when it gets mud on it and never have to worry about it smelling like other collars. Best collar ever!! Side note- wonder if it will ever come in Grey! Would love to get a grey one too.

Buddyrider™ Dog Bicycle Seat

02/17/2019 by JD.

Best pet bicycle seat on the market!!

Bought this seat to take our 2 year old Pomsky with me when bike riding, she was a little unsure of it when I first put her in it but all it took was one bike ride and she was in love with the Buddyridder bike seat. After the first ride all I would have to do is ask her if she wanted to go for a bike ride and she would run circles and do flips off my leg and run to the door, then when I open the door she runs straight to the bike ready to go for a ride! I love the stability of it being that it attaches to the bar under the seat and really like having her right in front of me where I can see her when we're riding. My only recommendation is to make sure you check the bolts that hold the seat to the bracket periodically because we lost all but one bolt but I contacted the company and they promptly sent me more bolts free of charge. I can't say enough about this seat, you definitely won't be disappointed in it and I have seen nothing on the market for sale that can even compare to it. Sophie and I our Buddyrider bicycle seat!!!

Buddyrider™ Dog Bicycle Seat

02/15/2019 by Kathleen.

13 yr old Cairn loves it!!!

Our 13 year old Cairn Terrier, Beans, fits perfectly in the Buddyrider. We practiced putting her in the seat at home and walking her in the bike as recommended. Then we took her on her first ever vacation from NJ down to S.C. where she rode in the Buddyrider like she’s been doing it for years! Brought a smile to everyone’s face we passed and so many comments about how happy she looked. So glad we purchased the Buddyrider! It’s so well constructed and so much fun for our dog!

Buddyrider™ Dog Bicycle Seat

02/13/2019 by Scott D.

The Best Dog Seat - Hands Down!!

By far the best way to take your best friend biking.

Dog Puffer Jacket | Alpine Waterproof Dog Puffer Coat - Doggie Design - Burgundy 5X-Large

02/13/2019 by Just M.

Great product

I'd been shopping for a warm coat for our dog to wear in our bitter cold, snowy winters in Western NY. Took a chance on this one, and it truly met all my wishes. It's WARM, snow repellant, has a good (non-Velcro) fastener, and covers much of the dog. The service was good too!

Dog Puffer Jacket | Alpine Waterproof Dog Puffer Coat - Doggie Design - Burgundy 5X-Large

01/19/2019 by Tori.

Stays on well

I got a 2 XL for my standard poodle. It has leg straps you can put their back legs through, which is awesome so the jacket stays secure. It looks warm and comfy on her. The quality is great. Next time I would get a 3 XL though, It’s a little tight on her chest.

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Zeta Waterproof Dog Collars

01/05/2019 by Ness311.

10 stars!

After trying other types of collars I finally found these. Hands down the BEST product out there for a dog owner. We have two Aussies who love to play in the mud, snow, roll in the grass and swim. Easy to wash with a great touch of color! Highly recommend this product to everyone we know!

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Zeta Waterproof Dog Collars

12/25/2018 by Jessica.

Great collars!

We’ve been using these collars for 4 years now on our labs and I don’t have a single complaint. We get lots of compliments on the bright color and they hold up so well!

Plaid Dog Coat Waterproof Fur Fleece Lining | Alpine All-Weather Dog Coats & Jackets With Harness Op

12/19/2018 by Hallie.

Bought this for my neighbors outdoor dog

My neighbors dog lives outside. I have tried a few coats for him over the years, but the front velcro would undo. I love this style because it slides over his head and the back straps keep it from sliding around.

Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Leash

12/17/2018 by Emily.

Get one!

I have a Pitbull and a Black Lab. I take them out separately almost everyday. They love it!

Alpine All-Weather Dog Coats | Solids

12/22/2018 by Susan S.

Love everything about it. From the design and material to how nice it fits. Our American Stafford terrier just loves it!

Personalized Dog Treat Jars

12/04/2018 by ewm N.

Awesome gift

I bought two of these for clients with their dogs names on them and I know they will love them. THANK YOU!

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Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Bowls - Neon Yellow

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Awesome Choice!

I bought several of these for my clients. ( I am a pet sitter) I love that I could put their names on them and they look great! Thank you

Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Bowls - Neon Yellow

12/04/2018 by ewm N.

Will make a GREAT Gift

I bought several of these for my clients. ( I am a pet sitter) I love that I could put their names on them and they look great! Thank you

SaltyDog™ Saltwater Proof Stainless Steel Dog Collars - Pink XXXL 21-23.5 inch neck

12/03/2018 by Wendy.

Amazing Dog Collar

I purchased this waterproof dog collar for my lab mix Xena and I love it. One year later it’s still in excellent condition. My favorite thing about this collar is that she no longer gets that funky smell that she use to get from fabric collars. I highly recommend this collar!

ComfortFlex Sport Harness

11/24/2018 by MICHAEL E.

Great service, great price, fast ship and fits well!

My Dawg Satchel outgrew his size large harness so I ordered a extra large from the dog outdoors. Arrived on time, fits well.

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Buddyrider™ Dog Bicycle Seat

11/07/2018 by Mike C.

Fast Ship Best dog product ever!!

Just got our Buddyrider….fast ship really good vendor. I have been looking for a way to take my 21lb Lakeland Terrier biking with me for ages. This thing is awesome!! Sherlock took to it immediately, very natural/comfortable for pup, we absolutely love it. Really well made, simple to install and amazingly natural balanced ride. Sherlock approved get yourself one now!

Buddyrider™ Dog Bicycle Seat

10/15/2018 by Taz.


My little long haired Pom Pom went nuts in a trailer . He felt insecure an uncomfortable. I was very hesitant about this item but it was 100 percent money I said ok. This is far superior to any other dog basket quality. It is sturdy and easily assembled. Then little tax went in and we walked on the side of the bike ..2 minutes I jumped on and we were riding and he loved stress no anxiety. This product comes highly recommended. My dog is 15 pounds and fits perfect.

ComfortFlex Sport Harness

10/12/2018 by Abri A.

Best Harness I’ve tried by far!

Super comfortable for my dog, lightweight, great control. Best harness to hike with and just go anywhere. I also love the reflective material super nice for night walks! Also super durable and did well in water! I definitely recommend this harness! Also follow my girl on Instagram @trickdog.honey

Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness With Lifting Handle & Belly Strap To Prevent Dogs From Escape & Back

10/08/2018 by Bella T.

Me and my dog love it

Great product....having a 100 lb.. lab with high energy I needed something to take that wild look out of her eyes. The ruff wear harness with the walkydog is just what we needed. She loves it and so do I. The dog outdoor ships fast we are very happy

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