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Universal Bulkhead Wiring System, 4-Way

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Universal Bulkhead Wiring System, 4-Way Verified Purchase

07/01/2020 by Calvert B. (NY)

Perfect for your dual fuel pump swap

Heavy duty cable for proper voltage and amps

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Universal Bulkhead Wiring System, 4-Way Verified Purchase

06/22/2020 by Doug N. (LA)

Upgraded fuel sending unit wiring

Used this to upgrade my fuel pump wiring on an EFI swap in a C10.

Universal Bulkhead Wiring System, 4-Way Verified Purchase

02/24/2020 by Scott C. (NC)

It fit my needs. I think the method of retention could use a little work to make it more user friendly. Also, I think they should have stepped up the gauge of wire to a 14ga wire to allow for greater flexibility in fuel pump choices. This item is not made by Racetronix, so this review is merely to inform any potential buyers of my comments and observations on this product.

Public Comment

The connector assembly is designed by GM for GM applications. The fitment and retainer are designed to fit all legacy pump-on-a-stick hangers. Changing the design would defeat the purpose for which they were intended.

The atmosphere wire is TXL 14 Gauge and the vapor side wire is PTFE 14 gauge.
The terminals for these connectors will not accept anything larger than 14 gauge wire.
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