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Wall Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Lock [0.3 Cu. Ft.]

12/09/2018 by Anonymous Customer.

Excellent product

My studs in this particular location are about 20" apart, so I just used screws on one side. I drilled 2 extra holes so 4 in total. 3/8" by 2" lag screws. Plenty strong enough. Wish it had 3 shelves though.

In-floor Safe with Polyethylene Body [2.4 Cu. Ft.]

07/19/2018 by Charlie C.

So far so good.

Purchased the in-floor polyethylene safe. I had a steel safe first, moved to a new location and decided to try this one for the specs listed: "guaranteed protection against fire, burglary and seepage" . Let's be honest, I hope to never have to find out. The concrete poured around it was heavy enough to cause a *VERY slight* bow in the walls of the safe however it held up fine and it is solid. The door can be placed either way to open left or right as needed, the dial is smooth, door opens easily. At this point in time, I'm happy with this purchase and would buy it again.

Large Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Lock [1.3 Cu. Ft.]

05/02/2018 by JRF.

Great Safe, Their Support just as Outstanding

In and out of the safe twice a week. Love the gentle ding to remind me that I didn't close it up. Biometeric works without any issues.

B Rated Burglary Safe [1.2 Cu. Ft.]

04/20/2018 by Robin L.

Love It

Wanted you to know that the shelf inside rattled around and sounded broken. It banged and scratched the floor of the safe. Too hard to send back. Maybe it could be secured better next time. Also directions about taking off the door to move it would be nice since it smashed my finger then fell off anyway.

Hotel / Home Safe w/Credit Card Reader, Digital Lock [1.2 Cu. Ft.]

10/11/2016 by Anonymous Customer.

Awsome Produst

safe was exactly what I ordered. The quality met my expectations

1-Hr Fire Rated Safe w/Digital Lock, Alarm, Audit Trail [0.63 Cu Ft.]

01/12/2016 by Linda.

Great Safe

The instructions were simple. The safe is VERY sturdy and construction is solid. I love the alarm system. I tried that as well. I would have preferred it to be a little louder. However, it can't be shut off until the correct password is entered and/or the override key is used. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

1-Hr Fire/Water Safe w/Combo Lock [2.1 Cu. Ft.]

05/16/2015 by DustOff3.

This is EXACTLY what I wanted, EXACTLY!!!

The ordering process and delivery process went smoothly. Dollied it down the stairs and unpacked it..arrived in perfect condition. Opened and closed it several times and it operated perfectly. I did tons of research looking for this size and with a combination lock. Did I say operates smoothly? I should have!!!!

1-Hour Fire/Water Safe w/Dial Combo Lock [1.2 Cu. Ft.]

04/25/2015 by Poppa R.

Exactly what I wanted.

I wanted a safe for fire and water protection for personal papers. I also like the manual combination lock. Right size for the right price.

Strong Wall Safe [4" Depth]

07/26/2017 by Simon D.

Caution: cheaper S&G dial lock

Be careful with the dial combo - this unit uses the low end 6741 with +/- 1.25 dialing tolerance rather than +/- .5 on the better S&G lock, and also uses Zymac (zinc alloy) wheels instead of brass.

Large Hotel / Home Safe w/Keypad & Audit Trail [1.2 Cu. Ft.]

3 weeks ago by Steve.


The electronic display is old school - difficult to set and reset. Press close/unlock, press cancel, press 8, press 0, etc. Not at all intuitive. This is a serviceable metal box with a set of keys. Simplify the electronics and I would give it a higher rating.

2-Hour Fire/Burglary Safe [4.0 Cu. Ft.]

03/12/2016 by Underwhelmed.

It's the little things that count.

The 2-hr, 4 cu ft Mesa safe was delivered OK. The dehumidifier I ordered with it was forgotten. You can't use this safe without a dehumidifier, so the quality and delivery of the safe itself was moot. For the pre-paid $25, Nationwide drop-shipped me a $16 Amazon dehumidifier--which is defective. It won't charge now after more than 24 hrs (never mind the advertised 10 to 15 hours). Disappointing.

Hotel / Home Safe w/Credit Card Reader, Digital Lock [0.4 Cu. Ft.]

06/28/2018 by Charlie.



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