Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads

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Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads Verified Purchase

03/31/2019 by Ryan. (PA)

Protect well, but rather bulky. Rub knees when walking. Take some getting used to

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Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads

12/17/2017 by Doug.

Flooring installer

Flooring installer

Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads

04/22/2017 by Adam.

Nice extended protection

I have tried all 3 types of Blaklader knee pads and these are the winners. The heavy duty ones are much too bulky, and these offer the same amount of comfort for all but the longest jobs. I also like how these cover more shin area, making extended kneeling much more comfortable.

Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads

04/11/2017 by bill.

Home improvement contractor

I've tried them all, these are the best ones yet.

Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads

02/20/2017 by Jeffrey.

Blakladen 4018 knee pads

I too am loving these knee pads for a lot of the same reasons. Now, I use them in the Carhartt double knee bibs and other than I have to cut the hem at the bottom about 1-1 2" to get the pads inserted, I have no issues with this as I will take them to a seamstress to sew back up to keep from unraveling. So they are as wide as the Blaklader 4011 pads but longer in length to cover all but an 1-1/2" of the double knee Carhartts. As has been said , they're light weight and extremely durable. You can leave them in to wash with no problems. They're extremely padded and comfortable and bounce right back to original shape . I will only buy Blaklader pads from now on!

Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads

01/17/2017 by Michael.

Epoxy flooring contractor

I love those knee pads. Having had both the heavy duty and the square light duty ones from Blaklader, these are the best. Often I wished for more coverage around the chins or had to pull them up. These longer ones are perfect and also fill out the Blaklader pants inserts nice and tight. Great for hockey too!

Blaklader 4018 Knee Pads

12/15/2016 by Michael.


Being a plumber constantly on my knees installing heat These knee padding are a lot more comfortable. No straps that loose up easily, or irritation from the straps an buckles. In coordination with Blaklader work pants your knees will love you.

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