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LEVEL 4 BioElectric Shield 14K Gold BioElectric Shield

02/09/2019 by Paul.

I wouldn't want to go back to how life was without it.

The level three focusing shield transformed my life by eliminating the overwhelming level of empathic ability ( I could feel others' emotions better than they could!) , but I still felt affected by cell phones and cell phone towers so I upgraded to the strongest protection. The shield took a few months to fully adapt to my energy- improving all the time and now I wonder how I ever managed without it!

LEVEL 4 BioElectric Shield 14K Gold BioElectric Shield

01/21/2019 by HonestMan125.

I love this shield! I had an extra 5,000$ so i figured, why not spend it on some random hokey-pokey bracelet that is clearly based on unfounded pseudo-science! Especially because there are no clinical, peer-reviewed studies that show EMF is harmful! (If you think the government's research is fake, Please join the Flat Earth Society!) I also love how there is no evidence that any of the "positive" results other users are experiencing aren't purely placebo! Buy Now!

Aulterra EMF Neutralizer 3 Pack - for electronics-appliances

01/28/2019 by juliet.

good product

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

10/25/2018 by Roberta L.

Truly, a Life Saver

I have purchased and GREATLY benefitted from several of the products available from this exceptional company. The Customer Service has always been far above any company that I have ever dealt with in my 64 years of life. I upgraded from a Level 2 to a Level 3 shield and even with my high expectations because of the other purchases, I was truly AMAZED. I got the Level 3 Shield because of my renewed heightened sensitivity to electrical and wi-fi fields had gotten much worse because of this brain changing condition that I acquired from an intensely frightening experience in Hawaii. The Hyperstimulated Stress Response Condition is what people refer to as PTSD. I got almost immediate relief and a calm that I had not felt in over 15 months because of this affliction. The difference in wearing the new shield versus taking it off is very dramatic. The excruciating, adrenalized symptoms of anxiety and the stress response that people call "Panic Attacks" was 85% reduced which I did not expect since I had purchased it only because of my flu-like/migraine response to wi-fi and electrical fields. I have not taken it off except for showers and dread when I have to recharge the shield for 3 hours at the end of the first month. I am SO GRATEFUL for Virginia and Anna Mariah for their care and interest in helping me. The products REALLY WORK. We have a whole-house filter and other EMF filters installed in our home which makes my very restricted life almost normal. When I hear of other people's symptoms of migraines, flu-like issues, anxiety and the like, I always tell them about the Bio ElectricShield Company. I cannot imagine going back to the limited life that I had before discovering these products 5 years ago. Thanks again!

BioElectric Shield EMF Protection for Entire Room or Car

10/12/2018 by Doreen.

After researching many products this had best reviews.

I live in a mobile home park and recently had installed smart meters. After several months I could no longer sleep in my bedroom. I kept going to the living room to escape of the feeling my brain boiling or on fire. My best sanctuary was on my porch. The advantage is it was summer and with winter had to do something. In addition noticed I actually had three smart meters outside my bed room. So in desperation I called on a Sunday of all things and Anna answered. She gave me confidence to buy the product. I bought 2 to counteract 3 smart meters. My very first night I was able to sleep the whole night in my room. I felt so good was able to stay in the house and clean which had been avoided because of the feeling in my head. The BioElectric Shield for the entire Room is worth it for anyone sensitive to frequency. Thank you Anna for your help. I will recommend this product to family and friends.

Room Shield - EMF Protection for Entire Room or Car

01/10/2019 by Laura. (CA)


This is a LIFESAVER! I keep it hanging from the ceiling fan over my bed and if it's not there I can feel the toxic energy from the pole mounted transformers in front of my house. It makes all the difference in the world for how well I sleep at night. I also use it at work because I have 2 smart meters on the outside of my wall and a wifi router above my desk from the office upstairs. I have no control over any of those things, but this Room Shield makes my office comfortable enough to spend the whole day without getting sick. Thank you so much!

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LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

10/03/2018 by Maria.

Level 3 Saved My Life

I am electromagnetic sensitive. I live in a duplex and a new neighbor moved into the other side of the duplex in April. Within 10 days I was not able to sleep. I mean NO SLEEP! Not at night or in the daytime. I developed walking pneumonia and bronchitis within 2 weeks. I inquired if she had installed wi-fi and learned that she had not YET, but did have a 'smart' phone which was on 24/7. Consulted with my functional medicine M.D. which resulted in 2 choices. Move or get an EMF blocker. After contacting Virginia and taking the test, the Level 2 shield was recommended. My sleep slowly got better. The neighbor then installed wi-fi and my body was not able to sleep again. After contacting Virginia about the new issue, the recommendation was to get the Level 3 shield. It has been 8 weeks and am now sleeping 7-8 hours at night. And I am starting to feel like a normal human being again. Level 3 shield has SAVED MY LIFE!

LEVEL 2 Sterling Silver BioElectric Shield w/Silver Tabs Shield Polished

10/01/2018 by Aniela.

Calmed me down

I had a terrible taste in choosing friends. I notice my social circle has changed full circle. The people I am attracted to are mentally healthy.

Aulterra EMF Neutralizer 3 Pack - for electronics-appliances

09/27/2018 by Energymama.

Stumbled upon this one.

Finding I was highly sensitive to EMF's, I had aleady purchased a pendant as well as some other products to further reduce EMF effects in our home. I already had another 'button' on my cell phone that helped with how it felt on my body, but it was rather expensive and I had to purchase a new one every few years. Then I ran across these little stickers and thought I'd try them for $10 each! When I opened the package, I immediately felt their effect. My whole system settled down. I quickly called Bioelectric Shield to ask what they were and were they new? Nope, I had just missed them and now I pass them around to all my family and friends. They make such a tremendous difference on so many different appliances that put off EMF's! So happy to have stumbled on this one!

Aulterra EMF Neutralizer 3 Pack - for electronics-appliances

11/18/2018 by Maggie. (NY)

great gift for someone who suffers from headaches and is a frequent electronic user.

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EMF Protection HARApad with WiFi Shielding - for Laptops/Tablets

11/07/2018 by Mark B. (NY)

Great Product!

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Aulterra EMF Neutralizer 3 Pack - for electronics-appliances

11/07/2018 by Mark B. (NY)

Feel safer with these attached to cell phone.

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Level 3 BioElectric Energy Protection Shield - Sterling Silver with 14k Gold Tabs

10/09/2018 by Jeffrey L. (Texas)

Unique and interesting the changes that occur. You really need to be present to yourself prior to wearing the bio-shield and to periodically check back in on your progress based on your starting point.

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LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

04/12/2018 by Lynn.

It Works!

SO calming. No hype here - just simply works. Beautiful too

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

03/31/2018 by Kat.

Made Me More Productive

Been wearing it 3 months. Skeptical at what it could do, but it's cool looking & I decided if nothing else, there's always the placebo effect...But, it's more than that! Felt a physical heaviness upon first putting it on; followed advice to leave it on nightstand for a week or two first. No dramatic change/feeling immediately. Just subtle changes. Background: I hate winter & cold weather. Am not productive then - Am always kinda sluggish. Except for THIS winter. I have kept up my workout routine at home. Cleaned out 3 closets & donated 2 bags of clothing. Took quick phone backup snapshots of 1000 photos in albums before sending them off to be scanned (which will free up a whole shelf in the closet!) Wrote 2 new songs. Cooked at home for 6 weeks instead of dining out even once (lost 4 lbs.) I'm sleeping well, & realize I am free of little aches & pains. These may not sound like drastic things - for I wasn't ill before - but in that short amount of time in WINTER (for me) it's amazing! BioElectric Shield helped me even though I wasn't previously suffering any symptoms/illness. It made me more productive (gave me more energy...or mental focus?) Btw, it's always been cloudy on the 1st of the month when I recharge, so I've only hung it in the window for 8 hrs. each time so far. Looking forward to it getting some sunshine tomorrow!

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

03/16/2018 by LF.

Absolutely great!!

I'm so grateful I am to have this pendent!! I purchased Level 3 & had worn it for a few weeks. I started out slow and increased my time a little bit each day. I had really grown into appreciating the positive effects of it. I then accidently broke it and had to go without for about a week. It was very eye opening!! I'm so grateful to have it back!! Thank you to the Bio Electric team for what you have created!! It’s been life changing, especially in the environment/culture we live in now days. I so appreciate it!

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

02/27/2018 by Kay.

Saved me

I found out last year that the pain and strange symptoms I'd had for several years was from home wi-fi and electrical issues. Heard about the shield from a functional medicine Dr. who had seen results with other patients and purchased a Level #3 after doing the photo analysis, fully expecting to return it after the 90 days were up. After a few days of wearing shield I began to feel better and after several weeks, felt incredibly better especially in restaurants, coffee shops, etc (removed my wi-fi router at home). At 90 days, I returned the shield sensing that my body had healed itself and within 2 weeks of sending it back the pain came back. I was unable to go anywhere there were cell towers, phones or wi-fi. Once I realized the shield had been helping me so much I called and reordered another shield and wear it everyday without fail. Even considering the purchase of a custom shield.

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

02/26/2018 by Mike.

Very happy with the shield

I am very happy with the shield. I am a lot calmer and less stressed. Virginia was very helpful in answering questions, You can tell they really care about their customers.

LEVEL 3 BioElectric Shield Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs Shield - Polished

02/21/2018 by Joy.

I feel like I’m at home in my body when I wear my shield!

I have been wearing my shield for about 6 years now and when I have it on I feel grounded and insulated from all the energy that is not mine. As a professional Psychic, Spiritual Counselor and Healer of almost 20 years, this jewel is an invaluable tool for my well being. I only wish I had discovered it a lot sooner. Because of the work I do, I choose a level 3 shield and in the future will trade up. I love my shield! When I wear it I don’t absorb any of the chaos that flies around us on a daily basis, including the affects of EMFs. The customer service of this company is excellent too. I recently dropped my sheild in my driveway causing a few scratches. I called the company and heard back from Virginia right away. She was wonderful and so helpful. I sent back my shield for a recharge and to have the scratches polished out. I’m sad to be without it but I know it’s in good hands.

Customized Shield Design Fee

01/17/2018 by JeffreyL.

Love it

I love my custom shield. I literally felt my energy and endurance improve from the first day. Other people's energy, flying in airplanes are all much easier to handle wearing the shield. I would never be without one!

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