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Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

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Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

06/03/2018 by Michelle L.

Best purchase I ever made!!!!!! Life Changing!

As soon as I received the package I felt the heat radiating through the box. As soon as I put on my amulet. I felt the strong energy radiating from it. I was a little woozy for a few days, but I powered through and now, it feels like it was always a piece of me. I just feel so confident and happy since wearing the amulet for the last ten days. So many good things have happened in my life since talking to Albert and receiving my amulet. Deeper clearer meditations, I have never slept better at night time, and. I have a abundance of more energy. And the scynronicities are one after another!!! I can not thank you enough Albert Milligan. I am eternally grateful. If you can possibly purchase one of these fine pieces, please do so. It will assist you in creating a life full of happiness. Abundance, and raising your level of conciousness.... If you are like me, and just happened to be drawn to this website, and there is a certain amulet u just cant stop looking at, a stone u feel drawn to, please, trust your intuition, and purchase it. You will not regret your decision.

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

04/10/2018 by Amy S.

This pendant is magnificent!

This pendant is magnificent!

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

04/09/2018 by Jordan R.

Not as In picture

Everything looked as I expected except In the pic the spokes are gold mine are silver. I don't like that and the chain Is very uncomfortable at times. Kinda feel like I paid too much but what do you do?

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

10/29/2017 by Joshua G.

Love it!

Even better looking than in the picture on the web! I wear it everyday!!!

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

10/23/2017 by Kwame Y.

Trying to activate the amulet

How do I know that it has been activated? Three days ago I slept with it and the next day. By the evening I felt like my temperature had risen.

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

09/29/2017 by WENDY Q.

All Good

thank you kindly for your service and help and a discount gift too. Recieved necklace and enjoying it very much. I would reccommend these wonderful necklaces. Wind

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

08/16/2017 by Thomas H.

Love It

Love the Lapis Lazuli amulet that I received. Looks and feels exactly how it was described. First day with it was incredible, I could absolutely feel a change in my own vibration and energy. Very powerful and highly recommended.

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

11/16/2016 by Sonia V.

Beautiful stone

It's so beautiful but delicate I have to be careful not shower with it, which is a pain to take off every night. But it worth it.

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

10/02/2016 by DEBORAH A.


I absolutely love it It is beautiful

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

06/12/2016 by carolyn.


I bought this necklace for my autistic son. He is non-verbal and I was hoping this might help him with his communication. He has a hard time wearing the necklace during the day, so I put it on him while he sleeps. I decided to wear the necklace during the day. The first day I wore it to work... a co-worker who has not been very nice to me for a while came up to me and apologized for how she had been treating me. It was a complete surprise... we hadn't been talking about anything that would have triggered that, but sure enough, she happened to pick that day to say something. The day continued in the same manner. I found that the stone didn't seem to help me say the right things... it helped me stay calm and quiet... and seemed to affect the way in which others viewed and communicated with me. Truly an interesting experience, and not what "was expected". This stone has a distinct energy about it, and I believe there are more to these stones then meets the eye. I now plan on buying myself a stone after seeing the positive effects it has had. Thank you for this unique experience, I am looking forward to see how these stones will continue to change our lives.

Lapis Lazuli & Garnet – Solar Egyptian Amulet

04/14/2016 by William I.

Stunning and Powerful!

I got 3 different pendants as gifts, they are incredible and everyone loves them.

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