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Natural Carnelian Genesis Pendant

3 weeks ago by Jared C. (UT)

I won the anniversary gift exchange.

Awesome! My wife loves it, bonus points to me for "winning" the anniversary gift exchange with this awesome carnelian pendant!

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Amber Kashmir | Sacred Egyptian Essential Oil | Throat Chakra

03/03/2019 by Ryan A.

Love the Amber Kashmir!

I’ve been working on a new creative project which requires me to speak on camera. At first I was having trouble getting the words out, and eventuallg found that my throat chakra needed some clearing. The use of this oil mixed with a Lapis Lazuli crystal has completely solved the issue. My wife is also using it regularaly as well. So glad I found this oil, would highly recommend!

Amber Kashmir | Sacred Egyptian Essential Oil | Throat Chakra

02/16/2019 by Patrice M.

Is serving its purpose, thank

Is serving its purpose, thank you.

Black Obsidian – Solar Egyptian Amulet

02/13/2019 by Sven S.

Feels good

great quality, feels good, enjoy it very much - thank you!

Amber Kashmir | Sacred Egyptian Essential Oil | Throat Chakra

02/04/2019 by Eavan D.

Amber Kashmir

Gentle delicate sweet scent....

Golden Tiger Eye Genesis Pendant

02/03/2019 by Ryan A.


I had been shopping/researching this kind of wearable technology for a while now to assist with my daily meditation practice... Through an interesting synchronicity I stumbled onto Quantum Stones and reached out to the owner Albert. He was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to chat with me and answer many of my questions. Not only is the product super high-quality and a great piece to wear, but it was far more affordable than anything else I had found. I was so pleased with the purchase that I am now planning to get a pendant for my wife. On a final side note, their 100% Pure Egyptian ROSE OIL is also AMAZING! We use it daily in our home... Would Highly Recommend Quantum Stones!!! Thank you Albert!

Red Jasper w/Clear Quartz - Trinity Star Amulet

02/28/2019 by Gerardo E. (GA)

Oh yeah!

Nice $

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TerraMin Powder 1-pound Jar

02/15/2019 by Joey T. (TX)

This supplement is something that I will use forever. It is just absolutely amazing. I shouldve got a bigger jar.

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Lapis Lazuli w/Rose Quartz – Trinity Star Amulet

01/19/2019 by Bernadette F.

Very Happy with my Amulet!

It's a beautiful design meant to uplift my spirits and improve my health and generate positive vibrations which it does!

Rainbow Labradorite w/Moonstone Body & Garnet – Scarab Egyptian (A002)

01/17/2019 by Karen P.

Scarab Egyptian Amulet

This is a beautiful pendant that just oozes quality, craftsmanship & the TLC it was made and packaged with. It's definitely high vibe. I always make sure I have grounding stones in my pockets when I'm wearing it. It's very comfortable against bare skin - no pokes, jabs or scratching. I'm looking forward to a wonderful journey together.

Rainbow Labradorite - Tree of Harmony (C0011)

01/12/2019 by Roah T.

Absolutely beautiful! Weighty and comfortable.

Absolutely beautiful! Weighty and comfortable.

Rainbow Labradorite - Tree of Life (A0012)

01/11/2019 by Lori P.

Rainbow Labradoriite

My 1st purchase from Quantum Stones and I am extremely pleased. The piece is not only beautiful and stands out on its own, the quality is impressive. My body jumps for joy everyday when I put on the necklace and increases my overall energetic level. Thank you!

TerraMin 2-in-1 Mega Mineral Tablets

01/07/2019 by Randall D.

A Great Mineral Supplement

Being a vegetarian I find it to be a great iron supplement, along with plenty of other essential minerals.

Black Obsidian w/Labradorite Body – Scarab Egyptian Amulet

12/11/2018 by Tracy J.

Mystical beauty with lots of energy!

I received this beauty in careful ang secure packaging. As soon as I opened it and held the amulet in my hands I could feel an increase in energy immediately! It was kind of scary as I am new to the crystals and gemstones space. I spoke with Albert when ordering by phone and he was so intoned in what I was seeking and also gave some insightful information. It turned into a psychic reading session almost. It was like he knew my hesistations and indecisiveness and said to got with my first instinct and to not overthink to trust that inner voice that pull. And I am so glad I did! I bought this amulet for a dear friend that I hope brings healing and protection to his life as well as success and prosperity. I will definitely be ordering another for myself. This amulet is super strong and I got nothing but positive vibes from it. Gorgeous earthly artwork. Thank you for the love and support and healing!

Black Obsidian w/Moonstone Eye – Horus Egyptian Amulet

12/04/2018 by Terry C.

Good Looking Piece

Handsome Amulet for men. Unfortunately, I never aclimated to it's vibrations......or rather never recognized any shift in vibrations. Perhaps I am numb to them, or perhaps I chose a stone in which my body vibrations are alrady in synch. I'm open to trying another stone/amulet but need to give it some further thought. Give it a try. If it doesn't work for you, you can always return them. I returned mine........process was completely hassle free.

Rainbow Labradorite w/Amethyst & White Topaz – Galactic Compass

11/26/2018 by Marisa P.

Raimbow Labradorite

Very beautiful. I am very happy with my purchase!

Black Obsidian w/Garnet & White Topaz – Galactic Compass

11/18/2018 by Valerie M.


Very attractive piece! Looks and feels great to wear almost daily. Good vibes and nice protection.

Black Obsidian w/Clear Quartz - Triskelion Amulet

11/10/2018 by Amy M.

Power, beauty, protection

Powerful and beautiful pedant! A new friend and ally with an energy charge that feels so good to have close by. I wear this necklace as much as I can.

Jasmine | Sacred Egyptian Essential Oil | Solar Plexus

11/06/2018 by Eavan D.

Egyptian Oils

Sacred powerful oils enriched with deep scents and mysticism

Rose Quartz Genesis Pendant

11/02/2018 by Debra B.

Absolutely Beautiful

I LOVE my Genesis Pendent. It is my new friend that I wear and meditate with. I will be ordering another one.

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