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Kellie T.
11/15/2021 , CA

They don't deliver to Monterey. Too bad, we'll use them if we're up in the Bay Area.

Henry W.
11/11/2021 , CA

Do you offer prime rib? Where can I find it on your menu? Do you also offer carving services onsite?

Roger K.
11/10/2021 , CA

They were booked on the day that our event is on, and we can't change the date of our event.

Melissa F.
11/10/2021 , CA

Their cancellation policy is 50% after booking.

Stanley J.
09/10/2021 , CA

I plan events for a magazine company, and we are always in need of caterers who can provide food that is not only delicious, but that looks pleasing to the eye. We hired Catering by Pleasanton's for an event for 150 guests, and they far exceeded. The team worked with us to come up with room-temperature options since we did not have refrigeration capabilities and limited space. The favorites of the night were the salmon and quinoa shrimp cakes and ricotta bruschetta. The staff were attractive and well-presented and interacted seamlessly with our guests. I look forward to working with the team again in a larger capacity. [[8]]

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