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Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Madison J.


Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Natalie M.
03/07/2021 , WA

Great! Love Johan, give the man a raise. Great teacher all around, despite the setbacks from Covid-19. The class is wonderful, very informative and well-supplied.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Alexandra O.
03/01/2021 , CO

Kellie was great!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Mariana C.
02/23/2021 , CO

The class was amazing.

Ella I.
02/13/2021 , CA

Overall, this is a great school and I had a great instructor! However, I want to be completely honest about one thing I was a bit disappointed about. Personally for me, the book they gave did not contain all the material I needed to study and know to pass the actual NHA CPT exam. For example, when I took the exam the first time there were quite a bit of questions on how to react or what to do if someone goes unconscious, is in shock, seizures, or when to perform CPR on someone and the different positions they need to be in and the book did not give any information on that. I didn't know they would ask those kinds of questions along with other ones which I am unsure if I could mention but I was a bit discouraged once I took the exam and didn't pass the first time but then I took the exam again and passed once I studied for what might come up on the exam again. I can tell you study the book they give you really well but also keep those in mind and definitely know which blood tests require fasting, chilling, etc. They also have a section on anatomy and physiology in the book and of course it's good to know but I did a lot of studying on that material thinking it would show up but I didn't get questions about that. Therefore, the course itself I really enjoyed since I had a great instructor and doing the blood draws hands on was a great experience but make sure when you take the exam you are well prepared.

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