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Personnel Concepts is the industry authority in federal and state labor law poster compliance products. We've spent the past 20+ years developing new ways to help employers like you comply with the latest labor laws and safety regulations. From our innovative Space Saver All-On-One Posters to our workplace safety and HR recordkeeping products, we help protect your company from government fines, employee lawsuits, and other costly consequences associated with non-compliance.

We stay up to date to help you stay up to date. Our research and compliance teams possess many combined years of experience in the fields of human resource practices, labor and employment law, and workplace safety regulations. Our organization monitors and contacts more than 200 state and federal government agencies throughout the year -- including the DOL, the DHS, the EEOC, the IRS, the OSHA, the USCIS, and many others at the state and federal level -- to stay abreast of changing mandatory requirements and how they impact your business.



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Grace S - 6 days ago

great price

Grace S

6 days ago - IN

Person who help was very helpful.

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Unlaminated Poster - English
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AM - 3 weeks ago



3 weeks ago - AZ

The poster was received in a timely manner in a nice tube.

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Unlaminated Poster
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Kathleen W - 3 weeks ago

good price for the size of poster received.

Kathleen W

3 weeks ago - OH


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Laminated Poster & 1 Year Subscription
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Pam R - 12/15/2021

Hello, When researching what our company needed to be in compliance, I selected the complete State/Fed poster and took advantage of the %50 Black Friday deal. But I received a call afterwards from your company and based on the recommendations of the contact person and what they said we ordered in the past, I approved; not knowing that many of the additional items would not be mandatory and added an additional cost for my company. The site was easy to use, but I wish I had more clarity from the sales person on what was truly needed and what was recommended.

Pam R

12/15/2021 - KS

Website is easy to navigate and locate what I need. Love the options and love the discount!

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Ryan K - 11/28/2021

Nice Product, Shady Business Ethics

The product was fine but the way that the purchase is made is very misleading.

Ryan K

11/28/2021 - IA

The mailer describes the all in one product but doesn't relay the fact that it isn't included in the price provided. Not until I received a phone call did I learn that I was being charged nearly $500 for something that I can get for about $30.

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