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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

9 years collecting reviews
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Vicky C.
Today , Indiana

I found shopping on the website to be easy and straightforward. My items arrived as expected. And, I must add that I absolutely love the Creme Complete.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Joyce T.
Today , Arkansas

Shopping ease was better than most websites!!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Carolyn E.
2 days ago

could not figure out how to order the 3 bottles of lotion.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Sandy K.
4 days ago

Web site was difficult to manage. I had to start over as some products would not show up

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Janet M.
4 days ago

Sure seems like an answer to prayer, and your site is very user friendly. Thank you!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Teri
4 days ago

It’s always easy to find products and check out but I don’t like using PayPal …

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Constance S.
6 days ago

Quick ordering!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer April L.
1 week ago

Testimonials very helpful.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Kendra
1 week ago , HI

Good experience. Would recommend.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Felice T.
1 week ago

I appreciate your products very much ! They are effective and wholesome.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Christine
1 week ago

Website is confusing, and the coupon code doesn't work

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Anonymous Customer
1 week ago

site is very easy to navigate and very informative

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Karla R.
1 week ago , Virginia

Too soon to tell.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Charlene H.
1 week ago

I am pleased with the creme, just started using it!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Anonymous Customer
1 week ago

Coupon code would have been nice!!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Carl S.
2 weeks ago , TX

The creme complete seems to be good for helping to get rid of moles (after using very hot water for a few seconds then using apple cider vinegar for several minutes) then rinse w/cold water. I'm also using the perrin's blend for a lesion that won't heal-seems to be working......All of this is facial.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Christine S.
2 weeks ago

Easy to order and good information.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Kathryn A.
2 weeks ago

Easy ordering process, and I really appreciate the package deals! Thank you for the improvements made to Crème Complete!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Carla
2 weeks ago , AR

Your website is great! So easy to order. Love your products!
Your company and products never disappoint. I will continue to recommend your products. Thank you for your reliability!!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Karen S.
2 weeks ago , WI

Ease of using website!

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As a consumer, here's how you can tell the difference:

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Unverified Reviews from Open Review Platforms, tend to have much lower review counts and more negative Star ratings, because people with bad experiences are primarily those who leave reviews. This often creates a misleading, inaccurate portrayal of a companies true reputation.

So, when searching for Verified Reviews, look for the name you know you can trust. Shopper Approved.

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