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Launched in 2006, Mia Melon started as a fashion brand inspired by independent art, music and design. One of the Mia Melon's owners had been a pioneer in the West Coast snowbard industry in the 1990s, and through the years continued to explore fabric technology.

In 2011, Mia Melon quitely combined these two worlds, launching its first two weatherproof fashion jackets. These were jackets any 'it" girl would want to wear. However, unlike other fashion jackets, ours had a twist; they were windproof and waterproof. Just two years later, a tiny collection of jackets represented the bulk of our sales. It was clear we were on to something.

In 2015, we made a bold transition away from streetwear to focus solely on modern, fashion outerwear that could function as well as the best camping jackets. This was our true niche!

Today we're continuing to push boundaries with new products, like waterproof fashion hoodies and our new urban commuter jackets. With 100% customer satisfaction and less than .5% product return rate, we are confident we've got a product your going to love. For the men out there, we've also launched a men's label - One Man Outerwear (OMO).

When  you slip into one of our Mia Melon jackets, coats or hoodies, you'll wonder why it took so long for something like this to hit the market.


The Mia Melon Team

Chloe Wax Cotton Waterproof Trenchcoat | Mia Melon - SMALL / OLIVE
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Chloe Wax Cotton Waterproof Trenchcoat | Mia Melon - SMALL / OLIVE
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Genevieve M - Today

Nice jacket

I like the thickness of this jacket but it is too roomy at the hips (shoulders fit perfectly).

Genevieve M

Today - Washington


Stella Modern Fleece Lined Women's Rain Coat | Mia Melon - Black / Large
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Stella Modern Fleece Lined Women's Rain Coat | Mia Melon - Black / Large
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Doris K - 3 days ago

Well made but runs a little small

Doris K

3 days ago - NJ

Not sure but I thought 15% discount would be applied

Everglades Rain Coat w/ Removable Hood | Mia Melon - Blush / XLarge
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Everglades Rain Coat w/ Removable Hood | Mia Melon - Blush / XLarge
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Stephanie - 4 days ago

Great coat!

Been looking for a raincoat for years and fell in love with this coat. Will be buying a lightweight raincoat as well because the quality and style is excellent.


4 days ago - OH

Easy, straightforward experience from start to finish. Love my coat.

Everglades Waterproof Modern Style Rain Jacket - Fleece Lined - Sage / Medium
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Everglades Waterproof Modern Style Rain Jacket - Fleece Lined - Sage / Medium
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Kristen S - 5 days ago

This coat is not for me....would actually like to return

Kristen S

5 days ago - VA

upon looking at their return policy it appears that i am stuck with this coat as that i got it on sale.

Anna Insulated Waterproof Wool Jacket
Anna Insulated Waterproof Wool Jacket
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Sal - 5 days ago

Great looking coat, but too small

Looks like good quality, but the fit is not true to size it was too small. It also took FOREVER to be delivered. Also, read the return policy carefully....

Company Response

Hello Sally

Thank you for your feedback. As we mention in shipping, some items will ship from the USA even if you reside in Canada - extreme weather, postal delays are not something we can determine but we try our best to get our beautiful jackets out as soon as possible. We are happy that we have been able to get your return authorization to you and look forward to sending another size to you.

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