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Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Amanda T.

Love my greenhouse. I believe it will take my husband a year to forgive me. He is a builder, and a drywall finisher, and this greenhouse will haunt his dreams forever. Much like our pool we put in years ago that he just now will finally swim in, years later after the hate receeded.
No problems except for every step forward you take three back. IN MY DEFENSE,
I gave him three years to build me one, so this year I bought one to put together. Don't think he'll ever forgive me. The instructions are very nice, clear, and have tips. If there was a part that looked like it would go for either end, we always picked the wrong end. Our joke was the next step was to undo all the bolts and screws that took half an hour to squeeze together properly, only to take it apart on the next step. That was the most aggrevating thing.
Life sized lego set. First day after building the wind storm came. It held up nicely. We were surprised. We did not erect the "tent stakes" for the outside. I mean, come on! It is a greenhouse, not a tent. We did the cables on the inside from top corner to oposite bottom plate. In each side. I can push the outside and shake it like an earthquake drill performed by Ace Ventura. Held up nicely, no wiggly room and stout. Like a glove.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Rick B.

Thanks to Nick for answering my questions!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Claudine G.

Very professional

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Gregory H.

Great customer service. Spoke with Nick prior to ordering who gave me a lot of great information about installing the Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse (8X10).

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Douglas I.

Fast and easy.

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