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Gout Care by Alternative Health Research LLC T/A Smith & Smith Enterprises 

We offer the top, Non GMO supplements - GC ® Gout Care and Flamasil ® - coupled with more helpful information and Gout knowledge than you ever will find, ANYWHERE. Our website alone provides you with a comprehensive list of purines and uric acid content, Gout foods that harm and foods that heal, the latest medical information about Gout and Uric Acid Metabolism, and much more. That is all FREE information even WITHOUT a purchase. When you buy from us, you buy our relentless dedication to solving YOUR individual Gout problem!

GC GoutCare
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GC GoutCare
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Debbie G - 12/11/2021

GoutCare Works!

This stuff works.... My husband has occasional issues with gout. When it flares, he uses GoutCare to get rid of it. We have shared this treatment with a friend and a relative -- all have also had successful results and are now using GoutCare to treat their issues with gout.

Debbie G

12/11/2021 - OR

My husband used your product to clear up his gout. Now we have friends and family interested in trying GoutCure.... Online ordering through your website has worked out well. Thank you

GC GoutCare
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
GC GoutCare
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Bobbette W - 12/08/2021

My Husband's Miracle For His Gout Pain

My husband suffers from painful episodes of gout crystalizations generally in his big toes. We found Gout Cure over 15 years ago and it's his miracle in a bottle! We won't purchase anything else. If he feels a flare up he will start taking his Gout Cure and within 2-3 days it's gone! Even a severe flare is gone with this amazing combination of all natural ingredients he feels so safe taking with his high blood pressure and diabetes. His doctor has been satisfied with him taking it too. Thank you so much for helping my husband all these years & for many more to come!

Bobbette W

12/08/2021 - ID

My husband loves and has used gout cure for over 15 years it's the only thing that cures his gout flare ups!

30 Day Supply of GC  GoutCare and Friendly Fighters Probiotics
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
30 Day Supply of GC GoutCare and Friendly Fighters Probiotics
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Michael G - 12/08/2021

It works! Much cheaper than visiting a doctor.

Michael G

12/08/2021 - OR

I'm a repeat buyer. I have given the product to two friends who have gout issues.

Friendly Fighters Pro Probiotic: 120 Count
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Friendly Fighters Pro Probiotic: 120 Count
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Stan S - 12/04/2021

Excellent product. Highly recommended.

Stan S

12/04/2021 - Alberta


GC GoutCare
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
GC GoutCare
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Luis M - 11/29/2021

Excellent product

Excellent product with wonderful results for people who do not want to damage their body with chemicals. Thank you!

Luis M


Excellent service and excellent product. Thanks!

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