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5-star reviews

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Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Allen B.
Today , Arizona

I’ve seen the same door for cheeper but you were the only place that had it left in stock… probably bc of the higher price. Lucky for you I really like this door.

Product Choice

I found this door at Home Depot and fell in love, unfortunately, they didn’t have it in stock at the time I needed it. So I had to pay your premium price.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Gaylen T.
Today , South Dakota

easy to order and excited to receive this product Thanks

Product Choice

Referred to by friend

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Lisa S.
3 days ago , Pennsylvania

Wry easy to install

Product Choice

It’s perfect for what I wanted it for. The free shipping also was very important

The peace overall was reasonable

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Tim R.
4 days ago , Iowa

Shipped in a reasonable time. Cabinets were as described on line.

Product Choice

Quality for the price.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Paxton S.
4 days ago , Tennessee

Everything worked out as expected, Delivery came on time, product works perfectly.

The only thing that was off-putting was the website. It is not to modern standards. Specifically adding items to the cart from what I remember is not as smooth compared to big box stores like a Home Depot.

Product Choice

This product was out of stock in every other website or physical retail store I looked. I ordered one from Lowe's and wanted an identical shelf when they started running out.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Ari N.
1 week ago , California


Product Choice

I liked it

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer James H.
2 weeks ago , South Carolina

So far so good.

Product Choice


Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Caleb B.
2 weeks ago , Texas

Quick, easy and free shipping! Base price cheaper than alternatives and others trying to charge an extra $75 in shipping. Will buy from this store again as they have a specialized selection.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Lisa S.
2 weeks ago , Pennsylvania

It is exactly what I was looking for

Product Choice

It’s perfect for organizing my basement totes.

Service was fast and very convenient

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Gary H.
2 weeks ago , Washington


Product Choice

Quality & Price

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Nancy H.
3 weeks ago , Florida

The ordering was easy, the product arrived in timeframe given and the follow-up after delivery was very good.

Product Choice

It had all the features we were needed.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Christopher S.
3 weeks ago , Texas

The item was very well packaged and I received it in good order with everything intact and no damages.

Product Choice

After a lot of research this product matched the quality and price I was looking for.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Brad R.
08/28/2023 , Utah

Competitive pricing but a little low on inventory, welcome to post Covid world

Product Choice

Everything I have is gladiator

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer kimberly F.
08/24/2023 , Arizona

Great -- thank you!

Product Choice

I needed a replacement canopy.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Marie D.
08/21/2023 , Washington

Pretty quick delivery. Small boxes with lotd of pieces but we were able to follow the instructions on putting it together.

Product Choice

Price point and quality

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Bradly C.
08/21/2023 , Minnesota

Super easy and very favorable pricing.

Product Choice

After considerable research, the 18 ga was something that I really wanted. The fit and finish on the Newage was a constant in the comments I read about the product.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Adaline C.
08/20/2023 , Minnesota

The website was pretty easy to use. Once we received our order, my son-in-law couldn't wait to put them together and get organized!

Product Choice

My son-in-law was looking for some cabinets in his garage and your products seemed to fit his need perfectly.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Dennis M.
08/19/2023 , Mississippi


Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Clay
08/19/2023 , Florida

Quick shipping and had selection I was looking for! Great one stop online shop

Product Choice


Shopper Approved - Verified Customer RONALD W.
08/19/2023 , Indiana

Everything was revived in a timely matter.

Product Choice

We already have one and we needed to add another.

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