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Filmtools has been online since 1996 as the web's first store dedicated to supporting the Motion Picture Camera Department. Discover Hollywood's source for motion picture and digital video equipment including grip and lighting equipment to expendables.

Over the years Filmtools has expanded, aiming to supply all studio departments and aspects of filmmaking including equipment and supplies for Directors, Gaffers, Lighting Technicians, Grips, Audio Technicians and Electricians as well as independent filmmakers and students.

Our mission is to supply you with unequaled service and product selection.

Matthews Studio Equipment Baby Ball Head Mount 415173
Matthews Studio Equipment Baby Ball Head Mount 415173
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Justin C - 11/26/2016

Great product

Solid construction, just what I needed to mount a tripod head on a boom.

Modern 7-1/2 X 10 X 3/8? Cheese Plate
Modern 7-1/2 X 10 X 3/8? Cheese Plate
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MetalHead - 11/25/2016


It is a piece of flat aluminum with holes in it.

Matthews Studio Equipment 40
Matthews Studio Equipment 40" C-Stand with Sliding Leg, Grip Head & Arm (Black, 10.5')
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Michelob - 11/25/2016

It's a Matthews. It's good.

The stand is what you expect. Steel, black, sliding leg. Processing takes too long, but that isn't the stand's fault.

Modern Panavise MAG CLAMP
Modern Panavise MAG CLAMP
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Rick - 11/24/2016

Very handy

I'm retired from the picture business but use grip equipment allot in my shop at home because of its versatility and light weight. I used two of these mag clamps on c-stands to hold/support an out feed table for my table saw made from two 2x4's and plywood.

Matthews Studio Equipment TVMP Adapter
Matthews Studio Equipment TVMP Adapter
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Chadrico - 11/14/2016

Solid build, perfect for the job!

Didn't even know this adapter existed until I needed it. Used it for some Mole Richardson 2K studio lights to adapt to portable stand. They're heavy and I knew I needed a solid built adapter. I was concerned it would not be heavy duty enough to hold the fixture securely. Well it did! The adapter was well built and perfect for the job. Even found some others uses for them. Perfect little problem solver to keep with the gear. I've got 3 now.

Dana Dolly Universal Rental Kit with Case Promo
Dana Dolly Universal Rental Kit with Case Promo
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ECR - 11/10/2016

Works like it should

Dana dollies are great products, very robust. This one is no different. Nice that it all comes in one bundle for a good price.

Matthews Studio Equipment 20 x 24
Matthews Studio Equipment 20 x 24" The Dutti Dolly - Silver
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Eric - 11/10/2016


This thing is heavy duty and precision machined. I've mounted a Red Dragon with an old Cooke 20-100 zoom sitting on a Miller Arrow 50 fluid head. to it. Coupled with two Matthews Slider Stands and some 1 inch square Aluminum railing sitting on top the Matthews Universal Stand Attachments, it is rock solid.

Hoodman 5
Hoodman 5" Hood for RED 5" Touch Monitor
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Nik - 11/08/2016

Quality product. Can't live without it.

Great hood for your 5` monitor. Doesn't even require extra velcro adhesion. The elastic bands really help keep it in place. The bottom section is also designed to stretch so your hand can still comfortably access the touchscreen. Great product. Highly recommend!

TenFour DIRECTOR-M1 2-Wire Surveillance Transceiver Headset for Motorola Radios - Camouflage
TenFour DIRECTOR-M1 2-Wire Surveillance Transceiver Headset for Motorola Radios - Camouflage
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Volt28 - 11/07/2016

Works fine but could be better constructed

The surveillance looks good. It sounds like another other quality surveillance but the microphone clip completely snapped off from a a small tug from my 3rd day of use.

Filmtools VESA 100mm Monitor Mount w/ 6
Filmtools VESA 100mm Monitor Mount w/ 6" Pin
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Dav - 11/06/2016

Good price, good quality

There's not much to say - this is something that just works and disappears into the background. I like that the stem can slip through the grip head easily, but there is a hole provided if you want to put a pin or similar that will prevent it slipping back out. Came with two screw lengths, which was nice.

Filmtools 6
Filmtools 6" Suction & Vacuum Cup with 3/8-16" Threaded Spud
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Robert - 11/03/2016

Excellent Product

This is an excellent suction cup. It is very reliable. I primarily use it for car rigging and attached it to glass and metal surfaces. It never once lost it's grip even after many of hours of rigging..

Ultralight Control Systems 8
Ultralight Control Systems 8" Double Ball Arms
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Jeff - 11/02/2016

This system is great!

I have been using a 5` arm system to hold my DP7 pro SmallHD monitor with a V lock battery. Its's a chunk of stuff to balance on any arm. It broke a Noga arm in no time at all. You have to crank it the whole way tight but it has done a fine job. Often you can sqeek the monitor into another position without loosening the clamp or just loosening slightly. In that regard I consider it superior to the single point tensioning arms. I bought this arm to literally expand my system.

Filmtools 24 x 36
Filmtools 24 x 36" Collapsible Converted Junior Cart
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Josh T - 10/31/2016

Good Cart

Love my cart, except for getting it with a faulty tire. went flat in 5 hours. now need to get it back to them to get it fixed or replaced. Wished someone would have caught this.

DLC White Lintless Cotton Editing Gloves - 12 Pk
DLC White Lintless Cotton Editing Gloves - 12 Pk
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Amcdp - 10/25/2016

Don't buy these

If you're imagining white Mickey Mouse gloves that will keep you warm while you edit all day in your cold apartment, look elsewhere! These weak, flimsy rags will not get the job done. These gloves are awkwardly sized, very loose-fitting, and just not warm. There is so little fabric that I can see my skin through them. 0/10 do not recommend.

Lanternlock 24
Lanternlock 24" Fixture Kit
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ArthurV - 10/20/2016

Simple but Effective

Solidly built, does exactly what it says it will do. Easy to set up, easy to mount. Works great.

Cinebags AC Pouch
Cinebags AC Pouch
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RP - 10/19/2016

Quality pouch overall, some small oversights.

As a 1st AC this is a great overall pouch to have. Fits all my pens, pencils, sharpies, Chalk etc. And then some. Definitely a fan of the separated pouch dividers and multitool side pocket. A flaw I found is how deep the pockets are for the pens, pencils, etc so if you're not careful you can push them down too far and lose em. There could be more Velcro to accommodate oversized objects in the pouch but it's not a huge drawback. Also if you're using this pouch with the set wear padded belt it will not fit past the buckles to slide onto the belt... You'll just have to do some `modifications` to the belt like I did. All in all, great pouch for the price and the quality is top notch. I've only been using the pouch for a couple months but wouldent even think about buying a different one.

Anderton Dolly Pin (ADP) by Cardellini
Anderton Dolly Pin (ADP) by Cardellini
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Gripper - 10/12/2016

It works great

This thing is great. Combine with a grip head and arm to mount a monitor. Wish there was a model with junior receiver!

Filmtools 8
Filmtools 8" Extension Riser
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Cinedevine - 10/02/2016

An excellent quality riser with solid build

Often when filming in a crowd my tripods are not quite tall enough to get over the heads of the audience. These risers help me get above the crowd. They have a high quality build and were solid even through panning and angle adjustments. If you already have quality tripods that are not tall enough, this will get you there.

Filmtools 24
Filmtools 24" White Paper China Ball
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Eric - 09/27/2016

Exactly what you would expect

Easy to set up, pretty much just a paper ball with ribbing. Nice soft omni-directional light. I grabbed the Kino Flo bulbs and was able to match color temp with other fixtures in my shot. Great buy for some cheap, soft light.

Filmtools 60
Filmtools 60" Wide Chroma Key Green Screen Fabric - 1 Yard
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TJ - 09/24/2016


I will say that I have used many green and blue screen materials and fabrics to do my Chromakey, but this material is by far the best out on the market! Its low level surface reflection leaves very little spill if any at all! I am shooting in a very tight space where you would expect to have some green spill and this produces very little! The rubber base backing allows for a good tight stretch and fit so it literally had no wrinkles and it came to me folder! :) I truly plan to buy a longer piece so I can shoot full body scenes! Plus the price is affordable! I paid less for the two yards of this material than the 5X7 green Muslin I bought! I would back this product up for those who want a true green screen and to do serious green screening! Overall I give it a 5 star rating for durability, low light reflection, easy to clean and many other reasons! I am still amazed by the huge difference it makes compared to the other fabrics I have used! I am also amazed on how much easier it was to key out the green! 2 Thumbs Up! :)

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