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About Us

At Faux Direct, we offer only the best and most genuine looking faux wall panels and products. Whether you’re improving the backyard, building a home, or designing a commercial building / sign, we promise to provide you with a faux product experience that can’t be beat.

Our new and innovative designs are the best on the market, and our manufacturer relationships allow us to keep our prices significantly lower than the competition for you. We’re confident that our products and “here for you” customer service will make Faux Direct your one stop shop for all your paneling needs.

We are proud to produce and manufacture all of our goods here in the United States! This allows Faux Direct to not only support our nation’s job growth and infrastructure, but keep shipping costs low for you, and hold the production of our products to the highest of quality standards.

The polyurethane makeup of our faux wall paneling ensures the highest level of durability while providing an incredibly realistic appearance. Couple that with the wide variety of products and colors offered, and we’re sure you’ll find the panels for your job! 

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