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Today , NJ

Danny came on time. Our family has a custom of taking off our shoes at the front door. I asked if he wouldn't mind taking off his shoes, and he said he did not mind. He didn't make a sour face and even brought his own slippers. He was respectful.
After the piano tuning, I had some questions, and he answered them to the best of his knowledge.
He was courteous, and I hope he will come to tune my piano again.

3 days ago , NY

I like the service and the quality of the piano.

5 days ago , NJ

We had a great buying experience from Faust Harrison Pianos. They helped us with our need and the whole experience was very professional and really served our need. It was a great overall experience and i would high recommend them.

Anonymous Customer
5 days ago

Overall experience was outstanding. We received professional and courteous care in all aspects of our purchase.

6 days ago

The Steinway B is a beautiful instrument. The dealer worked on voicing and I was very pleased with the results. As of now, everyone is over the moon with this piano.

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