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Wheel Away System
Wheel Away System
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Ashley - 06/12/2018

Great idea. Faulty Execution.

I bought these last year for my son's footlocker. He used the footlocker with wheels for 1 week of summer camp. The wheels came off and won't go back on now. It looks as though the bracket was faulty (ie not strong enough metal to hold the wheels without giving way) and now won't hold either wheel in place. I have ordered another set for this year's camp experience, though I'm not happy about it. If the same thing happens, you'll definitely hear from me again.

UnderGrad Footlocker Trunk 32x18x16.5
UnderGrad Footlocker Trunk 32x18x16.5"
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Miss T - 03/24/2018

Better Than I Expected!

The trunk was delivered in perfect condition, and is constructed quite well, and seems really sturdy! I bought this trunk to take to the 2018 Barbie Convention, and it will definitely get the job done! It is very roomy, and everything that i need to pack/take with me will fit, as well as transport purchases back home. I got the trunk in Hot Pink, and added the Pennant Style Name Plax, along with the easy to use Wheel Away System. This trunk is one of the best purchases that I've made this year so far, and will be my luggage of choice for all of my Annual BarbieCon trips! Why didn't I think of this sooner?

o2 Cool 5
o2 Cool 5" Portable USB Fan
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apc1999 - 04/21/2017

barely any breeze

There's no breeze coming off this fan, and it didn't help cool my daughter at camp with no air conditioning. Wish I could return it.

Happy Camper Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5
Happy Camper Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"
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Nicole - 02/19/2017

Good for one year

Bought this footlocker two years ago. The first year of camp, it handled a trip up and back to Northern California. The second year of camp, it barely made it back in one piece, it had to be duck taped around the whole unit so that the camp could send it back. When I was growing up, I had one trunk that lasted my entire camp career of 10 years. It's a shame that products are no longer built in the same way.

Graduate Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5
Graduate Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5"
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Paul - 01/11/2017

A well-built, handsome trunk

I was looking for a trunk to put in front of my bed and I picked The Graduate. I'm glad I did because it's a very well-made trunk and I love how it looks. It offers me plenty of storage space. It's just what I was looking for!

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