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4" x 6" Shipping Labels - Zebra Compatible (220/Roll)
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Ramona B - 12/01/2020

Excellent value

These Enko labels are an excellent value. The printing is very clear and they stick very well. I placed a sample label on a poly envelope for an hour and had to completely destroy the label to get it off.

Dymo 30915 Compatible Internet Postage Labels 1-5/8
Dymo 30915 Compatible Internet Postage Labels 1-5/8" x 1-1/4" (700 Labels / Roll)
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Samantha C - 11/01/2020



Compatible Brother DK-2205 Continuous Paper Tape Labels 2-3/7
Compatible Brother DK-2205 Continuous Paper Tape Labels 2-3/7" x 100 feet
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Shannon F - 11/01/2020

Happy Customer so far

Just as it has been described. I'm going to buy again

3" x 5" - Zebra Compatible Labels (350 Labels / Roll)
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Lydia T - 11/01/2020

Great customer service

Works perfectly fine for my Zebra printer! Labels are sticky as well. Customer service is great as well! When my package arrived there were missing a roll of label in which i told them about it. And they sent a replacement roll for me immediately after i sent them an email. Response was quick and service was friendly. Thanks and keep up with the great service!

4 Bedroom House - Color Coded Moving Labels 2
4 Bedroom House - Color Coded Moving Labels 2" x 3" with Notes Section (800 Labels)
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Gregory W - 09/03/2020

Pack, tape shut, and slap labels

okay, the only good thing about moving is when it's over. but these make the "box thing" so much easier. Pack, tape shut, and slap one of these babies onto the box. Done. Next box....

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