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Steve Hanks - Old Friends - Horse

Steve Hanks - Old Friends - Horse

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Steve Hanks - Old Friends - Horse
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Steve Hanks - Old Friends - Horse
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G D - 08/04/2023

I could not find anywhere on the internet a large image of this print. I think it must be some new law from Washington about enlarging images of artworks. So it was easy to buy this from Elegant Horses at the best price. And I was so amazed at the extreme beauty of this piece when I saw it in person! Truly amazingly beautiful! It is at the frame shop right now and I am so excited to see it with such a beautiful framing!



I like how the owner is so open, available and conscientious. I feel confident buying from him after reading about his about us page. I have my print now and I could not be happier with Elegant Horses and the owner was so extremely helpful when I contacted him. And I am considering buying a much more expensive print in the near future from Elegant Horses, the owner is the most zealous person that I have ever encountered in pleasing his customers! That is not an exaggeration! And I was thrilled when I saw the quality of my print that I ordered this first time! I am completely satisfied!

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