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Today , WV

Took my FAA test today and scored a 95%. Could not be happier with your curriculum. From start to finish, your information was easy to learn and easy to follow. The videos were much easier to follow then studying a book. I will make sure and recommend this to anyone that wants to get certified.

Reasons for buying:

This was one of the first places I looked and the guarantee made me see that they were serious about their students.

Eric F.
Today - Greenville , NC

I had zero drone experience prior to taking your online course.Took the Drone Pilot Ground School course using about 2 hours a day for 10 days. Took the FAA part 107 sUAS test and passed with a score of 97. The course was well presented in an easily understood manner, practice tests and study guide were very useful.

Reasons for buying:

Good reviews online, approachable website and style. Lifetime access for retraining as required by the FAA.

Rick K.
Today - Escalon , CA

Found the course material and Alan's presentations well organized and friendly, with the right amount of emphasis on the right amount of stuff. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed going through the modules - it was easy to stay focused and the 20 to 25 hours of lessons and study time 'flew' by over about a two week period of time for me. Passed the Airman Knowledge test for sUAG on the first attempt with a score of 95%. Thank you, Drone Pilot Ground School!

Reasons for buying:

Based on the online reviews and some sample videos I saw before committing.

Today - Fort Myers , FL

It was easy to understand, cost is a little high, but at the end it was worth it. I past my test with an 83% , after taking about 2 and a half weeks to finish the course.

Reasons for buying:

Google reviews

David S.
1 day ago - Bainbridge , GA

I found the course easy to use, very informative and with excellent instruction. This course combines visual, verbal and written instructions so no matter how you like to receive information, they have it covered. Also, liked the fact I could go back as needed and revisit chapters to re-enforce my understanding of the content. Scored a 97% on the test. I would not have been able to do it without Drone Pilot Ground School.

Reasons for buying:

I did not have the time nor am I close enough to a school to take a in-person class. Online was my best option.

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