Offering the most versatile dorm supplies and most comfortable Twin XL and Full sized college bedding, DormCo provides college students with everything they need for their dorm rooms at low, affordable prices. At DormCo, we believe that cheap dorm items should still be made with high quality in mind. From our incredibly cozy Bare Bottom and Coma Inducer dorm bedding to our essential Suprima and Yak About It college furniture and all of the other must have college supplies in between, DormCo has everything you need to make your college dorm room a home away from home without going over your college friendly budget.

Simply put, DormCo is your one stop shop for everything for your college dorm.  DormCo offers the widest selection of dorm room essentials for your college dorm at the lowest prices.  Just because college tuition and textbooks cost an arm and a leg, it doesn't mean that your dorm bedding and college supplies have to! With so many options, you'll find the Twin XL bedding, college furniture, and dorm accessories you need to make your dorm room unique. Enjoy an amazing online shopping experience that college students throughout the US are using for their dorm essentials!

Dorm Divider Privacy Room Divider  Kraft
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Dorm Divider Privacy Room Divider Kraft
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JDD - Today

A fair price for a good product.

We simply needed a divider so that we could put the two year old, in her crib, in the same bedroom with her six-year-old brother, without her seeing him and disrupting sleep for both of them, and us! :-) This allows us to I have a place for our grandkids when they come to visit, since we don’t have separate rooms for them like they have at home.This serves the purpose well. We set it up at night and fold it up during the day. Although at first glance, it seems a bit expensive for a piece of cardboard, dormco offers it at a significantly lower price than any place else I could find online, some of which are charging around $60. It is sturdy, and was delivered promptly and well packaged in a cardboard outer box to prevent any damage.


Today - MI


PRESALE  Papasan Dorm Sofa  Black  SHIPS BY 820
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
PRESALE Papasan Dorm Sofa Black SHIPS BY 820
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Anonymous Customer - 3 days ago

Comfy and easy to store/put away. Sadly the seam in the back broke in a year.

Anonymous Customer

3 days ago

Easy buy and delivered on time. Decent quality.

Dorm Divider Privacy Room Divider  Kraft
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Dorm Divider Privacy Room Divider Kraft
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Jill - 2 days ago

Perfect and easy to store


2 days ago - CA

Perfect for privacy and easy to store

TUSK Underbed Folding Box 4Pack  Black
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
TUSK Underbed Folding Box 4Pack Black
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Ken - 3 days ago

These boxes are lightweight and sturdy after being setup.


3 days ago - MN

Great products and service.

Dorm Divider Privacy Room Divider  Kraft 2Pack
Shopper Approved - Verified Customer
Dorm Divider Privacy Room Divider Kraft 2Pack
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Ljohns814 - 6 days ago

I haven’t opened it yet. It’s a present for Christmas


6 days ago - IL

This will be a Christmas gift

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