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5-star reviews

5-star reviews

2 weeks ago , MO

We go through for the game mats we donate to our local high school's E-sports team and they turn out flawless every time! Plus the ladies working the office that email us regularly through the process make things particularly easy.

J W.
2 weeks ago , NC

Ordering was easy and arrived within the promised time.

2 weeks ago , WA

I had a great experience with these guys! I sent them custom artwork, and they communicated quickly and effectively, using their expertise to guide me on file prep for the best results. The finished product was fantastic, and our team loves using their new company branded mousepads! Great price and great service - why buy anywhere else? :D

Drew R.
2 weeks ago , MO

Product was executed expertly and timely. We have just completed a new project that will require the same professionalism and can't wait to upload.

Promenade G.
3 weeks ago , CA

Great, nothing to complain about. Will be ordering more in the future.

Shannon D.
3 weeks ago , WI

Great customer service. Questions answered quickly!

3 weeks ago

Thank you, Goldie, for being thorough and patient with us through many changes and redos. You were professional through the entire process, and we greatly appreciate all you did to ensure we were satisfied with the end product!

3 weeks ago , CA

Our first order, the process was smooth and Goldie provided excellent service. Then our second order was so quick and smoother than ever! It was the same design so it was easy to request more the same design. Thanks so much Custom Mouse Pad team! We will continue to reach out to you whenever we need more products.

Great P.
3 weeks ago

We've been ordering the custom calendar mousepads for a few years now, and have been very satisfied with both product and service. The ordering process is simple, and your team is great to work with, both the art and the sales departments. Highly recommend!!

3 weeks ago , FL

Reorder was easy, fast, and quality was still good!

S P.
3 weeks ago , BC

we have ordered from them for years, they have always been great in both communication and pricing.

3 weeks ago , TX

Excellent Customer Service! Every time I called or emailed, I received a quick response. After emailing our Logo and the basic information, they helped design and choose the right type of Mousepad to replace our existing one. Pricing and Payment Options were excellent! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for Logo Imprinted products! They did an awesome job from beginning to end! Goldie was our representative and did an outstanding job communicating with me during the entire process. Thank you for the great service! We will definitely be a repeat customer every year!

Anonymous Customer
3 weeks ago , OH

Great service to get exactly what we wanted.

3 weeks ago , TX

Customer service was great! We communicated electronically and I got exactly what I asked for.

3 weeks ago , MO

Excellent quality as always, very happy with every order I get!

3 weeks ago , IL

Quick to respond and offered options

Anonymous Customer
3 weeks ago , NH

Custom Mousepad are the best in Customer Service. Professional, friendly, easy to work with. Excellent in follow up and delivery.

Mike P.
3 weeks ago , VA

I've been using for several years now for a regular, annual product. They make everything so easy and the whole team is super friendly. They are able to pull details from previous orders, so all I have to say is "Go." I love the automation and friendly exchanges with familiar team members.

Patti H.
3 weeks ago , MI

Shared your website with our friends through the Roto-Rooter franchisee association. There is a huge conference in February call the WWETT Conference in Indianapolis IN where you could get a booth and sell your products. Just a thought since the mouse pads or so AWESOME!! :)

Cristina R.
3 weeks ago , FL

Great follow up and guidance, quick response and turnaround. Wonderful experience.

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