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Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Dillon T.
4 days ago

So far this is great. Thank you so much!!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Bruce M.
4 days ago

Top notch design product.

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Terri L.
3 days ago , FL

Fast shipping, easy program to design products. Great prices!

Terri L. - 3 days ago

Value was great. Products came in a timely manner and we were all very happy with the quality of them. Thanks!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer JOAN
3 days ago , TX

Easy to design and tons of options! Customer service immediately answered any of my questions.

Customer Service

JOAN - 3 days ago

Everyone loved our lanyards!

Very nice quality lanyards - will order more from here. Fast turnaround too!

Shopper Approved - Verified Customer Kyra B.
3 days ago , AK

The customer service experience was very nice, I always got an email back promptly or was contacted by phone if there was clarification needed that was time-sensitive to my shipment date. I really appreciated the prompt-ness. The only issue was that they kept sending the wrong email on file to my billing email, not my log-in or shipping email, so my office manager had to keep forwarding me the proofs since they kept getting sent to the wrong email. I believe that was corrected with my last order.

Customer Service

Kyra B. - 3 days ago

We will use this company for lanyards forever!

These lanyards shipped extremely fast. The quality is great. They will last a very long time. I love the customization options. We chose our workplace colors, added our company name, and even added some artwork for a cute flair. We will definitely be re-purchasing in the future!

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As a consumer, here's how you can tell the difference:

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Unverified reviews from Open Review Platforms, tend to have much lower review counts and more negative Star ratings, because people with bad experiences are primarily those who leave reviews. This often creates a misleading, inaccurate portrayal of a companies true reputation.

So, when searching for Verified Reviews, look for the name you know you can trust. Shopper Approved.

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